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Your Questions About Duplex Homes For Rent

November 8, 2012

Charles asks…

I am moving to Myrtke beach, what is the best site for jobs and homes to rent?

I am looking for employment. I want to rent a house, not an apartment or duplex. I will be finishing my degree ar Coastal Carolina, so I am looking inexpensive.

Administrator answers:

also look up the local newspaper name and search their classified ads online.

Donald asks…

Homes for rent in EL PASO TX that accept PITBULLS?

We have 2 children and a pitbull, who is the freindliest creature youi’ll ever meet. But i just cant find anywhere where we can keep him. Does any one know any apts, houses, duplexes, anything in any area of el paso and las cruces where i can take my doggie with me?

Administrator answers:

You have to go on looking. Pit bulls are scary animals

Steven asks…

My family will be moving to Midland TX before the end of March and I need help finding homes for rent online.?

We prefer a 3 bed 2 bath house, but are willing to live in a duplex or apartment. We need to have a month to month lease because of his job, and a pet friendly landlord. Any information on where to look online or numbers to call will be most helpful.

Administrator answers:


Thomas asks…

May be moving to the Seattle area soon. Need help finding a place to rent that allows 2 cats and 2 dogs. Help!?

My husband may be accepting a position at Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle. If so, we would be up there within the next 4-6 weeks. We have 2 cats and 2 dogs (all are altered, dogs are 40 and 50#, kenneled during the day). Every apartment we have found allows only 2 animals and we have yet to find a duplex or home for rent to allow all our “kids”. We would only rent for 6-12 months, we plan to buy a home as soon as we can. Pet fees will not be a problem. Does anyone know of a place or a person I can get into contact with?

Administrator answers:

You might want to look on Craig’s list or even post in yourself in the “housing wanted” section:

James asks…

Does anyone know of any websites that have decorating ideas for people that rent their homes?

We rent a duplex and we want to be able to decorate, but we can’t paint or do anything drastic. I am looking for ideas to make our home more “us”. We have the typical pictures and personal items, but the white walls are just getting to be boring. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
We are going for a country cabin kind of look in the livingroom. We are both avid hunters and we have quite a few animals on the walls as well as deer antler sheds on the entertainment stand as well and on the book case.
For our bedroom we aren’t really going for any specific theme, but when he works nights it is really to bright with the white walls. BUT we aren’t really supposed to put anymore holes in the wall.
I remember watching a tv show maybe with Vern Yip, and he was updating a renters bathroom with ways to cover the cabinets, but I don’t remember how he achieved it.
I just feel stuck in a rut with they way everything looks.

Administrator answers:


For your walls, you could buy a fabric that you love (since you will take it with you) and just tack it to one of your white walls, for a focal point. Or you could buy that canvas material for painting at Walmart and paint it a color you like and hang it from the ceiling (there are several ways to do this). Or buy bookshelves, tall ones and put them on one of your walls and then put things that you love on display in them to break up all of the white walls.

Good Luck!

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