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Your Questions About Duplex Homes For Sale

March 24, 2013

Nancy asks…

I am requesting the best wording to sale my home on-line.?

I have a duplex in Maxwell Park, which is located in Oakland, Ca. Maxwell Park is a great neighborhood just below the Oakland hills and. Few blocks from Major highways, Highway 24, 880 freeway, and 580 freeway. Housing range from mid 400Ks to 700K. Duplexs averages 600k to 750K I have a duplex. 3 bedroom 1 bath upper unit and 2 bedroom 1 bath lower unit. It has a bay view. Large backyard. Kitchen was remodeled 3 years ago. lower unit remodeled 1year ago. All new windows throughout. Very clean. Built in 1940′s 5yr old roof. Excellent foundation. Currently renting lower unit, $1000. Willing to carry some paper, (5%). Priced at $609,450. Condo Conversion paperwork has been obtained and ready for submittal.

Administrator answers:

You’ve done a great job already – if homes in Maxwell for the most part are close to the freeway, I would minimize that feature, because anyone looking would already know that. Also no need to state how much housing is in the area as anyone sould do their own homework, so something like -
“”Beautiful Bay view, vintage 1940′s Maxwell Park Duplex! Upper unit 3/1 with brand new kitchen! Lower 2/1 unit remodeled last year, currently brings in $1,000 monthly income. Perfect for extra income or families with College kids? New Windows throughout! New roof, excellent foundation! Great location, very desirable community. Will carry up to 5%, $609,450 is a steal for this jewel in best neighborhood.”"

OK even I’m not sure about the jewel part, but you get the idea, start off with the view because that’s what most people love, make it seem like they’d be stupid to pass it up, or that they will make their friends jealous by getting it, right? Good luck, If I was looking in the Bay area I’d be sold!

Donald asks…

Where can I find a listings of properties for sale in the hampton roads area of Virginia?

Example areas are: Norfolk, virginia beach, Chesapeake and portsmouth.

Example properties are: Duplexes/ two family homes

Administrator answers:

Real estate agents

Maria asks…

Where can I find a listing of properties for sale in the hampton roads area?

examples are: listings of duplexes/two family homes.

Administrator answers:

A really good website to browse local real estate/real estate agents is:

It’s really easy to navigate and is full of info about realtors with links to their personal websites.

I’d check out the “featured” agents. They are experts in their field and have all available listings on their websites…and I know some of them specialize in duplexes and two family homes. Good luck!

Paul asks…

Best way to search for large homes?

Me and a large group of friends are trying to find house listings near Florence, KY. We are looking for 5 or 6 bedroom houses, but all we are finding are duplexes and Single Family homes. So does anyone have any suggestions on how to find homes in this area of this size? And if you happen to search as well, feel free to post up a listing! We are looking either for Rent or for Sale. Either is fine with us.

Administrator answers: has the most current information for both rental homes and homes for sale.

Also, you can contact a local agent to set up personalized searches that pull directly from the MLS and immediately sends properties to you that match as soon as they hit the market. (Size, Price, Beds, Area and more!)

Good luck with your search

Susan asks…

What are my rights when my landlord puts the duplex I live in up for sale?

I just moved into a duplex in Milwaukee, Wisconsin three weeks ago. I came home from a business trip to find a Shorewest Realty sign in the front yard, announcing that the house was for sale. The property owners didn’t even both to tell either tenant (upstairs or downstairs) about this. I need to find out what my rights are and if I have any legal ground to break the lease.

I have lived here for 3 weeks and there is a constant stream of people in the house now – repair people, landlords, realtors, prospective buyers. I have had more the 10 separate visits in this time! I am stuck re-arranging my schedule to meet people there and let people in. I am still unpacking boxes and they are showing the house.

The landlords have evicted my upstairs neighbors as of today, making the property prime for a owner-occupied property. I just signed a one year lease, so now they have a thoroughly checked and responsible tenant on the block for one year. I am positive they planned to sell the house before I signed the lease, but have no way to prove this.

I selected this property because I don’t want kids living in the unit (and I will have no control over that with the sale of the property – it could happen). I work from home so during summer vacations and school breaks, I can’t have all that noise. In addition, I specifically selected this property since there would not be landlords on-site (they are nosy and meddlesome generally speaking).

I don’t know if I have any legal ground in WI to get out of the lease. On top of that, if by some miracle I can get out of the lease, I want to know if I can somehow recoup the costs of another move directly from the landlords. I’m willing to sue them if I have to. Moving to a new place is supposed to be a new beginning and fun… this has been a nightmare.

I appreciate any feedback, direction, or resources you can provide.

Administrator answers:

You have no legal ground to break your lease. Your lease will transfer to the new owners. Sue them? What are your damages?

1..Landlord is under no obligation to inform tenants of his intent to sell. Selling his property has no effect on your lease agreement.

2..Landlord is entitled to show the home and make repairs with proper notice to tenants.

3..Noise is permitted during normal business hours.

4..You can’t expect your landlord or new landlord not to rent to people with children as this would be a violation of their civil rights and considered discrimination.

My advise. See if the landlord is willing to let you out of the lease without penalty…and buy your own place where you won’t feel inconvenienced.

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