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Your Questions About Duplex House Plans

June 22, 2012

Betty asks…

Can anyone send me Duplex House Pictures?

I’m Planning to Build a Duplex House, I can’t find any suitable sites where i could see for a perfect design. I have Purchased area. Can anyone pls send me Pictures or give me Suitable sites.
(Interiors will be appreciated)

Administrator answers:

I’m not exactly sure why you need a picture. A Duplex is 2 homes connected to one another. With the square footage you mentioned you may want to consider a two story style duplex.

You need to purchase some type of design software similar to “3d home design” and layout your primary flooring plan.

Then either place an identical level above or beside it depending on you lot usage.


Helen asks…

Terrace Garden on my duplex house?

Hi all,

I have moved recently into my duplex house. I have a 800 sqft terrace area, where I am planning for a garden. Can someone direct me for information related to this online. I live in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh. Any information related to Terrace Gardening can be of help to me. Approaching nursuries a good idea?

Administrator answers:

*Congratulations on moving into yr new house !!!
Yeah, i think approaching nursuries near yr area , will be a great help …. Instead of getting info online, a practical & experienced gardener, will be of great help in the layout & the type of plants that u wish to have in yr terrace garden !!!!
All the best !!!

Maria asks…

Hosur Real Estate question about buying Hosur Plot, Hosur Independet House or Hosur Duplex House?

I am planning on buying some Hosur Real Estate. Can some one give ideas on this. I also want to know if a Hosur Plot or Hosur House is a better investment. Also if house, is a Hosur Independent House or Hosur Duplex House a better option. This is just for real estate investment in Hosur, which is close to Bangalore.

Administrator answers:

Hi, Good decision to invest in real estate in india. I just did one investment in the same region (hosur) last week, after some nice advice from folks in the Internet and mainly yahoo answers. From ur nick, I guess u r from US. If u r investing to make money, buying as a plot is better as it never depreciates & selling is easy. But if u plan to live there, buying a house is better. It saves a big amount of work, that’s my view. I actually got a independent duplex house from a property called “golden city”, offered by This was suggested by someone in yahoo answers. Their costs are way too cheap as they offer only the neccesary stuff and thus offer it for less. They have a wide variety of choices & helped me secure a loan. I never thought that it could all happen so fast. We visted the place and liked it very much. If you have folks in india tell them to check this for you. You will save a lot to make it a real investment.

Chris asks…

i need a nice plan for duplex house in 1900 sq.feet?

with small garden and car parking

Administrator answers:

The below web page will have duplex house designs.

Paul asks…

Can i have building plan for a duplex house for 900 sq ft on a 700 sq.ft plot?

Administrator answers:

Yep. Here’s what you do. Get a variance for the land use.

Then build a two story duplex with about 225 sq ft on each floor for each unit..

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