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Your Questions About Duplex House Plans

November 14, 2012

Daniel asks…

can any one help me tp find newly constructed duplex house in chennai?

we are planning to buy underconstruction/yet to construct/constructed duplex houses in or around chennai,so can any one help me to find local builders or people who are selling duplex houses in chennai.
area:around velacheery or porur.

Administrator answers:

Check in hindu’s suplimentroy property plus which is coming on every saturday

Susan asks…

i am interested to built my own duplex house,its size is 30′*50′,if anybody can suggest me a good indian site?

from where i can copy its floor plan free of cost?

Administrator answers:

Consult an architect for plan who can give the best!

Carol asks…

How can an ordinary house be converted to a duplex?

I live right now n a middle sized house. it has a hall, 2 bedrooms, a small kitchen nd bathroom. now i’ve planned to elaborate my house.. my house s around 500 sqft plus. so i’ve decided to convert my house to a duplex one wit a metal spiral staircase. i want to have hall, a bit big kitchen with dining area, bathroom, toilet nd pooja room n ground floor.. i want 2 r 3 bedrooms n first floor.. one bedroom should be with bath attached. Is tis possible? wat wil be the estimated amount for tis? can i alter the walls n ground floor? wil it affect the ceiling?

Administrator answers:

For your first question, the answer is it is possible to convert your house into dupleix house.

For your second question, the estimate will depend on the city/place where you are now living. One has to know the present strength of your house. Whether it is a pillar construction or simply wall construction.

You have to take the municipality permission for re-construction. In that you have to give the present approved plan of your house and the proposed construction you are planning to add. The cost will depend on the quality of construction you expect. Ordinary construction will work out to Rs.600/- per sq.ft. You can also spend upto Rs.1000/- per sqft. Or more to increase the quality of construction.

You have to take the advice of an Architect to suitably modify your present house to dupleix.

Linda asks…

safer to live in an apartment than a duplex?

I’m planning to move soon and I think I prefer to live in a quiet house( actually duplex). but my friend told me it’s better go living in an apartment bldg since its generally safer in apartment bldg even if I don’t have roommates.

it kinda of concerned me too… although the house will be in a good neighborhood but still what if people have guns or sneak into my place during the day?…thanks. any opinions appreciated.

Administrator answers:

What this is nonsense…

Just because an apartment community has gates around the complex does not mean you are safe! In fact, all apartment leases have clauses that release them from liability for break-ins. You are no safer in an apartment complex then in a duplex house. Apartment communities give a false sense of security!!

Break-ins happen a lot in apartment communities, cars get windows broken, GPS systems get stolen, cars get stolen. In my building (with a doorman) a tenant was shot and killed in his unit during a break-in..And I live in a high end ($4000mth) community… Don’t ever think you safe in an apartment..

Get a house alarm installed..

Betty asks…

what color paint will look good for duplex hall?plz help me?

ours is a duplex hall. as my brother’s marriage is nearing we are planning to put colors to our house.
as we have duplex hall we are unable to decide wat colour paint will suit to the hall and in wat way. we are planning to put berger easy clean colors.

Administrator answers:

Take a few digital photos of your duplex hall and post them in the makeover gallery at

The color pros will give you some great suggestions and even virtually paint your walls for you to see how they would look.

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