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June 16, 2013

Betty asks…

What is the best test/method to detect aortic regurgitation?

Is an echo or a doppler better for detecting Aortic regurgitation?
Color Doppler,Pulsed Dopple,Duplex Doppler,”Bedside” or continuous wave Doppler,
Or is And echo better?
2d-echo,3d-echo,color echo?

Or am I missing something?
Basically I want to know what is the best test to detect it.

Administrator answers:

The best test is a transthoracic echo. Period. If a valve replacement is planned, then a transesophageal echo may be needed.

Maria asks…

How much should a college student have to pay for rent?

I’m entering my second year of college this year and plan on transferring next year to a good college in either the Long Beach or LA area. I’ll be living by myself, because I just think it’s better that way so I won’t have to rely on people I don’t really know for the rent money. If I live on my own, what’s a nice price range for a clean, safe apartment within the community?

Administrator answers:

It depends on what you are trying to rent; such as bedroom size, whether its an apartment, house, trailer, duplex, or townhouse, what amenities they may have etc. If its a student community, you may pay something like $300-400 for a one bedroom with all the amenities such as high speed internet, cable, wsher and dryer. You may even be able to find a one price pays all type community. Look around and don’t settle. Shop first. Good luck.

Charles asks…

Why would I need my neighbors approval to put up a fence?

I am in the process of buying a duplex and I asked the association if I could put up a six foot fence (the property already has a four foot fence). They told me I could but I had to get my neighbors approval first. Why would I need their approval?

Administrator answers:

They may own half the existing fence. I assume you plan to tear down the old fence

Lisa asks…

What is the best option for real estate investing for a novice to get started?

I am just starting out in real estate investments, and do plan to get a real estate sales license. I was wondering what would be the best route for the beginner.

Administrator answers:

Buy a duplex, live in half of it and rent out the other half and let them pay for your mortgage for you. Once you’ve built some equity in the property, borrow against it to purchase another property and move in there and rent out the other half of the duplex to help cover the cost of your next mortgage.

Mark asks…

What is the difference between Sidekick LX and Sidekick ID?

Im planning to get the Sidekick ID because I cant afford the Sidekick LX right now I had the LX in the past but i never had the ID. can some one please tell me all the differences between them Besides the ID not having a camera and the screen being a lot smaller then the LX.

thanks in advance

Administrator answers:


Talk time: Up to 4.5 hours*
Standby time: Up to 3 days*
Battery: User replaceable 1500 mAH Lithium-Ion
Dimensions: 5.12 x 2.48 x 0.78 inches
Display: Colors: 65k (bit) Size: 240 x 160
Band: GSM 850; GSM 1900
Phone style: Flip screen
Phone book capacity: Up to 2,000 entries
Operating system: Danger™ OS v3.3
Weight: 6.2 ounces

Picture Caller ID
Ringer Caller ID
Speed dial/one-touch dial: Up to 9 entries
Browsern Supports:WAP 1.0 ,WAP 1.2.1 ,WAP 2.0 ,HTTP 1.1 ,HTML 4.01 ,xHTML ,GPRS

E-mail:Protocols supported:IMAP4 ,POP3 , SMTP
Instant messaging:
AOL® Instant Messenger™ Service (AIM®)
Windows Live™ Messenger
Yahoo!® Messenger
SMS/Text messaging:
Concatenation support: Yes
Digital TTY/TDD support: Yes
Predictive text

Ringtones: Monophonic , Polyphonic , MegaTones® , HiFi Ringers®

Battery life Talk time: Up to 5 hours*
Standby time: Up to 6 days
Battery type 1540 mAH Lithium-Ion
Dimensions of handset 5.1 x 2.36 x 0.7 inches
Weight 5.8 ounces
Main display Type: Up to 65k TFT color
Colors: 16 bit
Size: 400 x 240 pixels
Dimensions: 2.625 x 1.625 inches (3 inches diagonal)
Memory Internal memory: 64 megabytes flash and 64 megabytes RAM
Expandable memory/card slot: MicroSD
Maximum card size: 2 gigabytes
Frequency bands 850 MHz; 900 MHz; 1800 MHz; 1900 MHz
Form factor Swivel

Phone book capacity Up to 2000 entries
Operating system Danger™ Proprietary

Picture caller ID Yes
External calling line identification (CLI) Yes
Ringer caller ID Yes
Speed dial/One-Touch dial Maximum amount of speed dial entries: 8
Speakerphone Type: Full duplex
Telecommunication Device for the Deaf (TDD) IP relay available
Teletypewriter device (TTY) IP relay available via catalog
Vibrate Yes

Modes Automatic; Night
Type 1.3 megapixel
Resolution 1280 x 1024 pixels
Flash Yes
Take and keep Yes
Quick send Yes

EDGE Class 10
GPRS Class 10
Synchronization Intellisync available as a premium one-time download
USB support Type supported: Mini USB-B connector
USB mass storage Yes

E-mail client Protocols supported: POP3; IMAP Fetch
Instant messaging client AOL® Instant Messenger™ Service (AIM®); ICQ®; Yahoo!®; Windows Live™ Messenger
MMS/Picture messaging Multimedia supported: Audio Clips; Graphics; Photos

Alarm Available as a premium download
Alarm will not function if the phone is powered off
Calculator Available as a premium download
Calendar Yes
Currency converter Available as a premium download
Memo/Notepad Yes
To-do list Yes
Phone book Multiple numbers per name
Address Field: When stored in the phone memory
E-mail field
Caller groups: When stored in the phone memory
Personalization & Fun

Games Embedded: Bob’s Journey
Music player Type of player: Danger™
Supported file formats: MP3; M4A (AAC); WMA without DRM
Ringtones Types supported: Monophonic; Polyphonic (24 chords); MegaTones®; HiFi Ringers®
Themes Advanced and basic downloadable themes available
Wallpaper Yes

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