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Your Questions About Duplex Plans

July 10, 2013

David asks…

Is it illegal to rent out a garage that has been converted into a studio?

I own a duplex and have 2 large empty garages that I would like to convert into studios. However, I was wondering if there is a legal way to do it? How would I get permits, etc.?

Administrator answers:

In the US, yes, you can, but they need to be fully permitted.

To get a permit you have to take your plans to the planning department and get them approved. There will also be several inspections as you convert the place. Do not skip them, because you will have to tear things out if you do. For instance, framing has to be inspected first, then your electrical and plumbing, then the heat and final. The planning department will make sure you are following all codes when you bring the plans in.

Sharon asks…

What are the best budget hotels in Sharm al Sheikh?


My friends and I (group of 10) are planning to visit Sharm in May. What would be the best hotels at a budget to go for? Any other advice?

What are some local websites to look at?

Administrator answers:

Do yourself a favour and google self catering villas. They’re SO much cheaper than hotels. We are going to Hurghada in April and found a villa that sleeps up to 12 people for GBP 800 for a WEEK! Definately worth it…the website was
I had a look for you for Sharm but couldn’t find anything for 10 people…maybe you should consider Hurghada? ;)
But try a google search anyway…you might find something.
Oooh…just found this one:

Mark asks…

What are the advantages of working with the state government?

I just got a job with the state government. We’re responsible for assessing properties such as houses, farms, condos, and duplexes, and determining the property tax based on the assessed value.
Are there any perks, outside of the job, that comes with working with the government?
What about hot women? I would like them as one of the perks. ;) I’m 23, a college student. This job will definitely benefit me.

Administrator answers:

No hot women..but I hear the retirement plan is great. Haha

William asks…

How do you format a book on Microsoft Word 2003?

I plan on printing out about 15 pages for my children’s picture book.

I want the text to be upside-down on a regular vertical paper (Portrait).
The reason is because I am folding the paper so that the crease line is at the top, and I want to print my text from the crease line to the open end.

Help please!

Administrator answers:

When you select Book fold for your page setup, Microsoft Word prints two pages on one side of the paper. When you fold the paper, it opens like a book. This option is intended for documents that have more than two pages.

1. Set up your document as a booklet.
When you create a booklet, it’s best to start with a new, blank document so that you have better control over the placement of text, graphics, and other elements. You can add a book fold to an existing document, but you may have to reposition some elements once the book fold is in place.
A. Start a new, blank document.
B. On the File menu, click Page Setup, and then click the Margins tab.
C. In the Multiple pages list, select Book fold.
If your document is not set to landscape orientation, Microsoft Word sets it to landscape.
D. In the Inside and Outside boxes, type or select the amount of space you want for the inside and outside margins (margin: The blank space outside the printing area on a page.).
If you need even more space along the fold to accommodate binding, type or select the amount of space you want in the Gutter box.
E. In the Sheets per booklet list, select the number of pages you want to include in a single booklet.
If the number of pages in the document exceeds the number of pages you select for a booklet, Word prints the document as multiple booklets.
F. Select any other options you want in the Page Setup dialog box.
G. Add text, graphics, headers or footers (header and footer: A header, which can consist of text or graphics, appears at the top of every page in a section. A footer appears at the bottom of every page. Headers and footers often contain page numbers, chapter titles, dates, and author names.), and other elements to your document as usual.

2. On the File menu, click Print.

3. Set options for printing on both sides of the paper.
If you’re using a duplex printer (one that automatically prints on both sides of the paper)
Click Properties, and then set the options you want. If you have a choice of setting the page orientation and duplex options, select landscape orientation, and flip the document on the short edge or short side.

If you aren’t using a duplex printer
In the Print dialog box, select the Manual duplex check box. Word will print all of the pages that appear on one side of the paper, and then prompt you to turn the stack over and feed the pages again.

4. Select the page range you want to print.

Mandy asks…

How much down do I need on an income property?

I wouldn’t mind the ole 20% down (I’ve been saving for a while), but I’d like to own my own home
and start saving even more money by purchasing a duplex with current tenants. (I’d live upstairs).
My family is big into real estate and owns several properties. They feel this is a great way to go.

Is 20% on an income property ideal?
Loanmaster thank you!

Administrator answers:

An income property is a property that gives you cash flow after all expenses. If the potential rents of both units (if you did not live there) in the duplex will cover your expenses and put some cash in your pocket then its an income property. In other words if you moved out and bought another property would the rents cover all expenses. You may want to plan ahead in case you want to buy another property in the future. Its hard for investors to subsidize investments with their own income and still get financing. Talk to your broker for a longer range plan.

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