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Your Questions About Duplex Plans

August 5, 2013

Lisa asks…

What is the cost of construction of a swimming pool?

I’m having a duplex home here in Mumbai so planning to construct a swimming pool on the terrace With size 18 * 36 what would be cost of such a swimming pool to be constructed

Administrator answers:

Not sure about Mumbai, but a gunnite (concrete) pool that size will cost about 35K plus the pool pavers/surround locally including an 8 ft spa with a spillover, pump/filter equip etc.

Sharon asks…

Cost estimate to build a duplex in hyderabad?

Let me know the cost to build a duplex in 2500 sft with marble flooring , main door with teak and remaining doors non teak excluding furntiure .

Administrator answers:

Around 50 to 75 lacs depending on the area you select.,
BTW is this inclusive of land cost or exclusive?? If exclusive, construction cost will be around 25 to 30 lacs
also depend on the plinth area you plan, not the total area

Paul asks…

Can anyone tell me the steps I need to take to be a dependent to my mother?

My mom lives in a assisted leaving apt complex. She says their care is very minimal and has had variety of issues since living there. I would like to alleviate her worries and get a duplex and have her stay with me. I’m interested in what I would have to do and what steps I should be prepared for; licensing,applications,govt credits,etc. I live in Wisconsin if anyone has gone through a similar circumstance recently I would appreciate your input.

Administrator answers:

First, speak with her doctor about this. If her doctor determines that she is able to live with you, have your mom notify the assisted living complex that she will be moving out.

Have your mom notify the social security office and any state benefits office.

Notify anyone else who sends her mail that she is moving and give them the new address. (insurance companies, retirement plans, attorneys, state benefits office)

My sister got mad and just removed my mom from our local facility and just told them she wouldn’t be back. We went back later and got all her stuff. (This was a neglect situation but an example that your mom can decide where she wants to live, if she’s not capable, then her guardian can decide what’s best for her.)

Mandy asks…

I want to change my house outlets that are 15A-125V with 20A-125V?

Will there be a negative effect on my house if I switch my outlets to 20A 125V …I’m changing them because they are old and they have been painted on I don’t know how many times and I am moving in some new roommates… pretty much the room is getting a face lift….new carpet… new paint.. new outlets/switch. and also my house is not grounded yet but I’m planning on doing it later on it was built in 1975.

Administrator answers:

You cannot arbitrarily increase your wall outlet amperage without completely replacing your #14 AWG wire with #12 all the way back to your main circuit panel and replacing that 15 amp circuit breaker with a 20 amp breaker.

With that being said, there’s a loophole in the law.

In order to accomodate the problem that you have, God has created the 15 and the 20 Amp Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter Outlets. They are quite similar in that they do not depend on a GROUND wire connection, and they’re perfectly legal.

The 15 amp outlet accomodates 3 prongs in each of its two duplex outlets, a short one (hot) a taller one (neutral) and the smallest one (ground).

The 20 amp outlet can be used with two different styles of plugs, they are standard plug which can fit into the 15 amp outlet, and the 20 amp plug who’s neutral prong is perpendicular to the hot prong (the face of the neutral is a T slot).

Ask the guy at the home store to show you the differences between all of them.


Mary asks…

How do I shut down a duplex 1946 electric water heater?

I am renovating my 1946 duplex. Trying to keep costs down and slowly replacing the old with new. Also updating to codes. I live on one side and the other is vacant. I was horrified to go in the basement to see a dual original electric water heater system. One water heater is damaged and is leaking water. I tried the emergency shut off valve located on top and it does not work (makes the water pour out more). I hooked up a hose to the pipe where the water is coming out of to direct the leaking water into the well. What I need to know is once I turn off the main circuit what procedure can I do to disable the one water heater for good (and still be able to use the other water heater) I need to be able to turn the main or water circuit back on. Both water heaters are linked to one circuit I know crazy huh? I have an electrician coming out in January to bring me up to code…yikes. Plan to have a professional come out at that time to replace and update water heaters. Help please…

Administrator answers:

Personally, I’d call the plumber now just to address this problem. This will be an easy fix for him since he knows what he’s doing. You’ll likely get a nicer price on his next visit with you then being a repeat customer.

From my experience, don’t go with a big company. Ask neighbors about a good local small company. They usually have better prices and are just nicer people in general. Keep the small local guy in business. These guys are in a bad way these days and appreciate your business. Be sure to mention the name of the person who referred you. These guys survive on “word of mouth” referrals.

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