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August 14, 2013

Carol asks…

What are some affordable and diverse neighborhoods in Kansas City.?

I plan on moving to Kansas City soon and I want to know what neighborhoods are safe, affordable and diverse.

Administrator answers:

I love the neighbor hood around 39th st & Roanoak. It’s full of every color and creed of people. Lot’s of true working class people like artist young people, paramedics and the like. A ton of great restaurant a few blocks down 39th. Lots of old school duplex’s with huge front porches. And the plaza westport and downtown are so close. I’ve never noticed very much crime around there. Most places have off street parking. Check it out.

Linda asks…

Question for experienced bird owners – Is a Sun Conure a good first bird?

In the future I’m planning to own a bird and I’ve been obsessing over the Sun Conure. I like them because of their looks and their size. I know someone who has one he said it they’re relatively easy to own and take care of. I just wanted to know what you would think for a “future first time bird owner”?

Administrator answers:

A sun conure was my first bird (as an adult). As a kid we had parakeets, which turned me off birds as they would bite and really just something to look at.

My husband always had lovebirds (very cool birds too, my mother in law has many she has hatched herself and they are just wonderful and friendly little guys).
He convinced me to get a sun conure about 10 years ago. I now have three conures and just am in love with these birds. They are demanding, and screechy to get your attention when you walk by (especially my Nanday), but very loyal and rewarding pets. My sun conure will laugh, cough, and dance when you sing to her. My Jenday loves to sit on your head, laughs, coughs/barks with you or the dogs, and my Nanday says “be quiet”, “come here”, “good boy”, “I love you”, “Hi”, and laughs. So if you are looking for a good mimic they are pretty decent.

If you do not have a stand-alone house (like you are in a duplex or apartment) they are not the best bird as you will quickly anger your neighbors. The conures can be VERY loud. My nanday is named “Jasco” because we joke his screech can peel paint off the wall!

They also need a lot of attention and handling. So be sure to dedicate a lot of time in your day socializing with your bird (hard not to want to spend time they are so loving).

Consider this, I got all my birds very cheap on craigslist because their prior owners did not have the time for them or could not tolerate the screeching bird. I got the birds with cage and toys for less than the cage would have cost at the store! These people spent over $400 for the bird alone and literally could not give the bird away fast enough in the end!

Thomas asks…

How much of a down payment is now required for multi-family properties?

I’m looking to purchase a duplex in California. It’s been a while since I’ve checked and was wondering what is now required as a down payment for multi-family. Thanks so much :)

Administrator answers:

Most of the bank require at least 30% down for rental property no matter it is single house or multi-units. If you are planning to live in one of the unit, they just require you to put 20% down payment.

Nancy asks…

what can I get for $1200 rent in the best school district in fort worth,TX?

Our family planning to move to Texas this summer, and would like to know what $1200 rent can get up in the best school district like HEB independent school district. We are looking for 4 bedrooms or more. Single family or town home. Apartment maybe?

Administrator answers:

I doubt you will find any apartments with 4 or more bedrooms, most are 1 and 2 bedrooms, some offer 3 bedrooms. Your best bet will be a house, duplex, or townhome. Look in Euless, Bedford, and Hurst. There are several townhomes in Euless, and I know that Bedford and Euless has lots of houses in your price range. Watch out in Euless, far north Euless is in the Grapevine school district. Good luck!

Sandra asks…

How hard is renting in Austin,Tx without a job yet?

We are looking to move at the beginning of October, and we don’t have jobs lined out yet. We just have enough money saved for 3 months of rent/bills, food, gas, etc. I also have my mom willing to co-sign for my wife and I. Will it be pretty easy to rent a house/duplex?
First time wanderer

Administrator answers:

It will be close to impossible.

Plan on staying in motels.

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