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Your Questions About Duplex Plans

August 22, 2013

Joseph asks…

I live in a duplex and the garage has only one residential number listed on it?

I live in a duplex and the garage in the back only has one residential number on it (IE: 27), and that’s my residency number, it does NOT have another number ANYWHERE on it that relates to the other half of the duplex‘s residency number. Do people have any business being in a garage that doesn’t even have their residential number on it?

Also, the other half of the duplex was sold to a Realtor, while my landlord still owns the half I live in. I plan to get the Realtor’s number and was going to ask the Realtor if he owns any part of the garage. Would this be a good idea? I am wondering, because the guy who is moving in next door (into the other half of the duplex) keeps asking for a key to the garage. The way I see it is the garage has MY number on it, not his, and his half is no longer owned by my landlord, therefore, he has no business being in the garage.

Administrator answers:

This is an issue your landlord needs to straighten out, NOT YOU! Tell him about the inquiry and let him deal with it. He was the one that sold the property, so he knows if the garage was included.

Lizzie asks…

How do I stop lagging when my bro uses Hulu?

So i play black ops online but when my bro watches Hulu in the living room I drop 1 bar. We both use xbox’s and wired connection. Is there a way to minipulate the bandwidth so I get the best connection? So far I’ve gone to my routers config paged and changed his Internet port to 10m half duplex but unsure of what these values mean and what there effect are.


Administrator answers:

10 Mbps Half Duplex is the configuration of that Ethernet port. Http://

However limiting the connection speed to 10 Mbps won’t make any difference if you are sharing a Internet connection slower than 10 Mbps, which is extremely likely if you are using DSL.

You could try the routers QoS settings if they are available.

QoS, or Quality of Service, is a method for controlling traffic priority on networks. Http://

QoS is usually configured for applications such as bittorrent, but can be configured for IP addresses or devices by MAC.

You don’t say how fast your Internet connection is. Http://

It it’s slower than 10 Mbps you’ll have problems trying to simultaneously stream HD video and game smoothly.

Only way to fix that is a faster Internet service plan.

Good Luck…

Robert asks…

What is a good price for a Remington 700?

I am looking to buy a remington 700 SPS, what is a good price to pay for a .243 or a 308. Also what is a good scope for the rifle (brand, lens size, zoom) and what would it cost. I’m planning to pay about $2500 max on the rifle plus extras, and what extra’s are available?

Administrator answers:

Cabela’s has Model 700 ADLs on sale right now for $400 in 270. The SPS is,from what I hear, suppose to supersede the 700 ADL. I’ve seen some for less than $600 in some places. If you start thinking of spending more than that on a Remington you better look at CZ 550s,Browning A-Bolts, Sako A7s and a few others. Remington isn’t the “do all, end all” when it comes to rifles by a wide margin. I’d more quickly spend $600 on a Tikka T3 stainless than a Remington right now–not to fault Big Green, but there are other guns out there now that give them a run for their money–and yours!!
As for scopes, the standards are still Nikon and Leupold, and plan to get a 3×9 40mm to 50mm using Leupold mounts and rings.Millet and Warne also make good scope hardware. Zeiss makes a scope for about $500. I sight in to be 2 inches high at q100 yards for hunting rifles,so my ZERO is 200,but for targets you adjust to that range. I also prefer a clean,clear view so I like the Niko-Plex (Nikon) and the Leupold Wide Duplex. I think the BDC and Mil-Dot scopes have very little application in a hunting situation because the cartridge effective range is near 400 yards anyway,so the fancy stuff is mute. One problem with those type systems is if you angle cant the scope/rifle in any manner and rely on the BDC or Dots your shots will be off quite a bit.The canting wouldn’t be a problem with bench shooting from a bipod or rest, but it would be in hunting.

EDIT: There are Kimbers available for near $1000 that I would actually spend that much for because the quality is better, but there is no need to spend much more on a rifle than that. With rifles you are dealing with a steep decreasing Marginal Return curve, the more you spend doesn’t buy you more accuracy or effectiveness–that is better spent on reloading for your specific rifle. Same with scopes, a $1000 scope isn’t twice as clear or effective as a $500 or even $250 one.

John asks…

duplex is best or ground floor and first floor .which is best?

duplex or ground and first floor please suggest for me

Administrator answers:

Duplex house plan is best for single and multi family homes that are built in two floors having one kitchen & Dinning. It consisting of two separate units but built as a single dwelling. This plan gives a high-density small area with two floors having one kitchen & Dinning. If the duplex building is in high-density areas such as busy cities or on more expensive waterfront properties. This type of home can be a great investment option for the future. Duplex house plans with modern elevation best suited to the environment. So Duplex is best

Paul asks…

Which is the Best Xerox cum Printer Machine for Internet Browsing Centre?

Hi. I Planned to start a new internet browsing centre with computer service. Also, i think about adding a good xerox machine for xerox purpose. Please suggest me which brand and model printer or xerox machine is suitable and best for this.

Thanks in advance,

Administrator answers:

I recommend multifunction, so you and your customers have lots of options. Also get two machines. One for color prints.

Black and White Multifunction: Xerox WorkCentre 3220N or 3220 DN (Duplex) Email, fax, print, scan, copy up to 30 ppm. Lowest price for multifunction Xerox quality. Excellent printer language support, security, network, warranty and support, adequate duty cycle to start with.

Color Multifunction: Xerox WorkCentre 6505N or 6505DN (Duplex saves paper). Lowest price for Xerox quality color multifunction. Good security, network, and language support.

These are the smallest, most affordable multifunction models robust enough for a small work group. If your volume increases, you can always go bigger.

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