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Your Questions About Duplex Plans

July 15, 2012

Mary asks…

An Acceptable Offer on a Duplex?

I live in a small college town and I’m looking at buying a Duplex. The plan is to live in the upstairs half and rent out the downstairs half of the duplex. They’re asking $160,000 for it but I would like to offer $145,000. It is my first time buying real estate of any kind. I was wondering if that would be too low of an offer? If so, what would be an acceptable offer. If it is possible for me to offer lower, what should I offer?

Thanks all in advance!

Administrator answers:

It depends on the market value of the property– which depends on a whole range of things specific to that area and that property.

You really need your own RE agent to represent you. Doesn’t cost you a cent. Don’t count on seller’s agent to protect your interests as well. Supposed to, but in practice an unrealistic expectation..

But in general, no, an offer of 145 on a listing at 160 isn’t out of bounds. A RE agent must present all offers to the seller, so there is no limit to what you can offer. The seller will simply say yes, no or counter offer.

Michael asks…

How far in advance can you rent/lease an apartment/duplex/townhouse?

If you plan on moving in 2-3 months can you put a deposit and 1st months rent down at least 60 days in advance?

Administrator answers:

That’s entirely up to the landlord. You may find it hard to find such a place, because the landlord will not usually know the apartment is coming empty that far in advance.

But if they do, most landlords would love to lock it up that early.

Mark asks…

roughly how much does it cost to build a duplex in N.S.W?

without the land..just the duplex and all extra costs. I know i’ve seen plans and they say build this for $110,000 buti want to know how much for say a 2 bedrooms duplex. How much would i have spent by the time they say its ready to move into?

Administrator answers:

I just finished a duplex, 720 square feet and two bedrooms each unit. I did it all myself except for the electrical (which I can’t legally do in my state unless it is my private residence) and the paving of the parking area. It cost me somewhat less than $60,000. That is move in ready, appliances, carpet, blinds, landscaping, etc. It also cost me a year of my life.

I know some people who built a similar place acting as their own general contractor and hiring the large majority of the work done. They say that they spent about $100,000. I am biased, but I think they cut too many corners. Anyway, their place is not as nice, lower grade siding, fixtures, etc. However, it is rented and it took them about half the time it took me.

Hope that helps.

P.S. This is in Washington State

Thomas asks…

Can I get a duplex with a USDA backed loan?

I plan to live in one side.

Administrator answers:

Yes, if you have family living in the other side.

You can not use it for a rental.

Betty asks…

Duplex according to vaastu?

I am planning to buy duplex according to vaastu at affordable price…..if any one know the no. then please reply budget is around 20-25 lacs……

Administrator answers:

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