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Your Questions About Duplex Plans

September 26, 2012

Paul asks…

“i just moved into a duplex, i hooked up the BC hydro and still have no hot water?

Unless I have to hook up my Teresan gas for my furnace to get hot water? I wasn’t planning on hooking that up just yet since summer’s just around the corner…..

Administrator answers:

Take a good look at your water heater. If there is an electric wire coming from it, also look for a gas fitting on it. If there is both, tah~dah you have a gas heater. Otherwise, it is electric and either needs the breaker flipped to ‘on’ or requires the water to be turned on to fill it.
Hope this solves your difficulty!

Sandy asks…

Hi my family and I are palnning on moving into a new duplex. the landlord said the people who lived there?

before left alot of their stuff behind. they now live in new yourk. they did not pay rent for july or aug. and said they were moving due to a new job. the landlord said she must store their belongings in a room in the basement for one year or she can get in trouble. isnt this abandoned property tho. i have heard of storing it for maybe a month, but a year seems like a stretch. plus the room they are storing everything in is a nice finished room that we were planning on using. what is the deal? oh and i live in ohio.

Administrator answers:

Give them a copy of the linked page and highlight the last sentence under Eviction. You are right it says 30 days! The rest of it may be important to you too as you will be a tenant there. Good luck

Jenny asks…

I plan to buy a duplex with another person. she will occupy the prop. I will not. Do we still have to get?

an investor loan?

Administrator answers:

Since the property will be owner occupied you might apply for an FHA mortgage loan as 1-4 units are considered a single family residence for the purpose of getting a mortgage loan. Being owner occupied would give you a good rate.

As one other stated you should make up some type of contract between the two of you a to the expectations, how the property is split, what are each financial obligations to the mortgage loan. Will this eventually turn into an investment property or eventually become one of your personal residence.

These type questions need be answered now before any possible yelling and disagreements occur.

I hope this has been of some benefit to you, good luck.


Donald asks…

Why in American movies, are people always from rich, affluent suburbs?

Aside from films that make a point of being set in a ‘project’ or a ‘ghetto’, all films, especially ‘teen’ films, are shown in luxurious, affluent houses. Their soaps are too.

Now, correct me if I am wrong, but aren’t the bulk of the American population living in more modest means than massive, open-plan duplexes? Is it a staple of American films to show luxurious housing?

Administrator answers:

It helps promote the “American Dream” they all aspire to …. They think they can achieve this and are still aiming when they are mugged in the streets that aren’t policed properly and still aim for it while they have health issues their insurance doesn’t cover … Not once blaming people who uphold the dream to them as a target nor the powers that prevent it …… Democracy in action !! But some would say we have eastenders the eternal slit yer wrists soap that reminds us why the heck bother when you get misery at all levels ..

Just my own biased view

ever notice the differences in attitudes maybe we should petition fer the banning of eastenders and have west enders instead ?

Maria asks…

what is the running cost of a building consutruction per sft now a days in Hyderabad ?

i want to bulind a house in Hyderabad in 200 Sq.Yds, what will be the approximate construction cost now days per sft. I am planning to construct a duplex with around 1200sft area in all.

thanks in advance

Administrator answers:

Baisic cost of Rcc+brickwork+plaster is around 700/- per sq ft. Add in electrical, plumbing, ceramic tiles and cost is around 950/- per sq ft. Add in solar water heater, marble instead of tile, woodwork ( for staircase railing, cupboards), modular kitchen etc and cost will be around 1600/- per sq ft.

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