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Your Questions About Duplex Printing

April 14, 2013

Daniel asks…

How do I print the word document on both sides of page? My printer does NOT support Duplex printing. ?

I had Eight Page document to print.

I chose page set up>Multiple pages>book fold> and sheet per booklet>Auto.

I chose Print>properties>printing shortcuts>what do you want to do>General everyday printing.

various options were opened. I chose Print on both sides>option “Manually.>ok >ok> print >ok.

Thus one side of page was printed but when the other side was to be printed some instructins of 5 baloons came.. reading each instructions and applied with all the options.. But result was not right.

As I had chosen the option in page set up , the multiple pages>booklet form, each page should print Four sides. Hence each side will have both ODD and Even number of pages. Hence my endevour to use the option of Mannual printing as per computer guide lines did not work or succeed..
Please give reason of failure and how to ensure correct printing?
Thanks for your guidance.

Friends , thanks for your trouble to reply. But as you will see, my problem is I have chosen the page setup as Booklet form. which makes A4 size page into two parts. thus A4 one side has two pages and another side has two . this makes four pages.. which carries both Odd and Even numbers . Your suggetions are good ,but not useful in this case. Furthe I have antoher document which is 88 pages. and trying for 8 pages or 88 is same for Printer on PC…. So do neat printing without wasting a page. I tried and waste already 10 papers on the only 8 page doc. which needs only Two papers

Administrator answers:

Ctrl p. In pages and make,, it example 1,3,5,7,9. After that flip it ctrl p again and 2,4,6,8.,10


Linda asks…

Help me do duplex printing with my Canon LB2900 printer?

nope..selecting odd/pages pages didnt work….still d printouts are coming in order

Administrator answers:

Lets see if this works for you.

Go to print the doc. You should have a line that says print odd number or even or even whole doc.

Select odd.
Turn paper over top to bottom
Even pages

This will work on most printer

Ruth asks…

Is there a duplex scanning multifuction machine?

I can’t find one. Only ones that do duplex printing/copying. Thanks.

Administrator answers:

There is no duplex scanning in a multifunction format. If you were to get something that does duplex scanning, it would need to be a very high end scanner. HP makes a couple that will do that.

Sharon asks…

Where can I find the printer paper I need for the duplex printing of a comic book?

Size 11 x 17 or 11 x 16 should be fine. I would like something under 20lb for the interior and something glossy for the cover around 20lb. (I would settle for printing the whole thing in the glossy 20lb if it isn’t too much. ) If it costs me $4 in paper to print a small 32 page comic…. I wont make anything for myself but I guess that’s better than not having one at all.

Please help me out if you can. Thanks
I looked online there and the only paper I could find at that size wasn’t blank white paper. Am I missing something? I looked there a lot.

Administrator answers:

11 x 17 is a standard paper size readily available at Staples, Office Depot, etc. You can price shop for weights and finishes online and either pick it up at the nearest store or have it delivered.

I was pleasantly surprised when I ordered a printer online at Staples for delivery to the nearest store, and they brought it to the house, no charge. If you’re buying a whole box of paper, maybe they’ll favor you the same way.

Chris asks…

what is the resource and/or financial conservation when you duplex in an office or school environment?

I’m working on a list for work about the savings to the business/school and to the environment. The question is what and how much is saved when you duplex print instead of simplex print. Obviously, paper, trees and money are saved, but how much? Numbers really make people stop and think. Thank you!

Administrator answers:

Well considering it is about printing on both sides instead of one, I would think this technique would cut your paper use in half and thus your paper cost as well.

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