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Your Questions About Duplex Printing

April 29, 2013

David asks…

Does the Brother MFC-260 have duplex (double sided) printing?

Administrator answers:

No, it does not.

Nancy asks…

Where to purchase the duplex two-sided printing device for the HP Photosmart C8180??

I see it listed on the spec sheet and on the box but I can’t find it in any store or on line through the hp website?
Does anyone know where I can purchase the one for this printer?
sorry but it is not internal and i have checked local stores and on-line and cannot find it….

Administrator answers:

Actually from the specs and everything I have read the C8180 duplex device is internal where as models like the CM1017 to obtain duplex printing you have to use the system manually. I would take a closer look at the options on the panel of your machine.

Donna asks…

Is there a home copier/ printer that copies many copies at once and also has duplex printing + duplex copying?

I’m looking for a home copier/ all in one printer that I can copy front and back and print front and back in one motion. (not copy one side print one side, put it back in your paper slot, copy the other side and print the other side). I want to put it in the fax slot and press the option front and back, it copies the front and the back and then prints front and back. I can live with a printer that can copy multiple pages at once. I would preferably want it under 150 dollars but I am willing to pay extra.

If anyone has any ideas it would be appreciated.

Administrator answers:

I think these printers must study the market first, to know which printer you would benefit most in what you do. To get an idea:

However, that brand printer choice is yours !
Good luck !

Thomas asks…

Printing duplex pages using adobe 8.0?

I am trying to print two pages using adobe 8.0 and would like to print front and back on one page instead of printing the two pages seperately. For now, I print the pages, run to the copier and copy them using the 2 sided option. That’s a pain! I’d like to be able to print directly from my computer 2 sided pages. Help!!
I’m aware the printer does the printing, but in the same way you can choose how to print off the adobe site (i.e. booklet, 2 pages on one side, etc.), I wondered if there was a choice for two sided printing that I was missing so that my printer could directly receive the command to do so.

Administrator answers:

First off, Adobe Reader doesn’t do the printing, your printer driver and printer does.

If your cannot change your printer driver settings to print two-sided pages, then you have to print all odd-numbered pages, then put them back in the printer (in the correct order) and print the other side, the even-numbered pages.

Linda asks…

I set for manual duplex, print all, but it only printed one page (page 31 out of 60 pages)?

I’ve printed loads before but just this time it won’t do it. I tried printing without manual duplex and it just printed both pages on one side only.

Administrator answers:

Try shutting down th eprinter for at least 60 seconds & retry.
If it fails, again, shut it down & then delete/remove printer from pc. Turn off PC. Then turn on Printer BEFORE turning on pc.
This should resolve your issue.
Oh, when selecting manual duplex I believe instead of selecting ALL, you should be selecting all odd pages, then turn them around & select manual duplex, but this time all even pages.

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