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Your Questions About Duplex Printing

June 10, 2013

Lizzie asks…

What is the meaning of “no manual duplex printing” in a Laser-jet printer?

There is one laser-jet printer Canon LBP2900B the website says that it does not support “manual duplex printing
What does that mean? Does that mean I will not be able to turn around the printed page and feed it again so that the other side can also be used for printing?

Administrator answers:

Yes you can print and turn the paper around to print again. I don’t know why it says that. Read it again. It is quite obvious that it can be done.

Steven asks…

How to manually duplex printing on HP PSC 2210?

It’s an old printer. No auto duplex print option. So how do I manually print on both side of paper? More importantly, and most puzzling to me, how to flip the paper when you change from odd to even pages?

Administrator answers:

Put a tick on one side of the paper with a pen/pencil and instert the paper with the tick into the printer and facing you (or up), then print a page. You will then see the orientation of the paper as it comes out

If the tick is on the printed side then the first page you print is in thar orientation. To print on the other side simply flip it so the other page is wher the tick was.

Sandra asks…

How do you manually print two sided with the Canon 8080cw laser multifunction printer?

I have a Brother printer at home and the manual clearly explains how to set up manual duplex printing. However, at the office, we have the Canon 8080cw, and I cannot find a way to do this. Anyone?

Administrator answers:

Take one sheet of paper print it, then figure out how to turn if over and put it in the tray as to print the way you want, then you can do as many copies you you want… Here you can get help from Canon

Laura asks…

looking for a HP Multi function printer with duplex printing and duplex scanning and fax?

Hi All,
I’m looking for a new printer, I need to have the following things:

1. Duplex Printing (Double Sided)
2. Duplex Scanning (Double Sided)
3. Fax
4. At-least 25 Page ADF
5. Networkable (Wi-Fi, AirPrint, Bluetooth, Ethernet)

Not bothered about anything else like price although It can’t cost more that £450, Its to replace my old HP.

Administrator answers:

Hello, HP support Forum this site will help with your problem or problems, and information that you may need…


F-11. This will take you to a HP support window, click system recovery. It will take some time to complete…

This site is very good for computer…
Http://… and click CHECK NOW it will do a lot of repair for you and you just wait for it to finish…

Creating Recovery Discs and or repair disk, Saving a Recovery Image to a USB Flash Drive in(Windows 7). Just go to back and you can do it there.

Call hp pre-sales support @ 800-752-0900
Call technical phone support @ 800-474-6836.

Wire less printers Hi,

Pleae download and run HP Print and Scan Doctor utility which should resolve most of
printing issues.


Hey, I enjoyed your question, I have worked as a technician most of my life, I hope I have helped you…
Good luck…

CompTIA A+ Certified Computer Professional

Maria asks…

what is the lowest cost per print color laser or inkjet for high volume use?

I need to run on demand high volume four color pages for business. We need duplex printing. WHat are the best solutions for the most reasonable per page and consumable costs either color laser or inkjet?

Administrator answers:

Inkjet is cheaper on volume, actually on relal high volume check kinkos prices per page, sometimes it is cheaper to have commercially printed and use your time doing something else that is more profitable.

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