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Your Questions About Duplex Printing

June 27, 2013

Linda asks…

can you print Word on the front of page and Excel on the back?

in other words, a complex duplex printing involving two different files, without manually reinserting the paper.

Administrator answers:


You have to do manual duplexing. Each file is a different print job.

If you could combine the pages into a single document, then you could do it.

James asks…

Can You Print Both Sides Of A Piece of Paper On A Canon PIXMA MP495 Printer?

“Does it have duplex printing?” is pretty much what I am asking. How can I make a word document have 2 sides?

Administrator answers:

If you’re using Microsoft Word you can print double-sided even with printers that don’t do duplex. It’s just a little more work. Here’s how

If you’re printing just a single double-sided page, do this:

1.Press CTRL/P to bring up the printer dialog box.
2.In the Pages combination box, put a 1.
3.Print the page.
4.After it’s finished printing, put it back in the printer with the unprinted side set to print next.
5.Repeat steps 1-3 above, but put a 2 in the Pages combination box.

If you’re printing a stack of pages, though, this is more efficient:

1.Press CTRL/P.
2.Check the Manual Duplex checkbox. This will cause Word to print one side of the sheets, then tell you to put the stack of paper back in so it can print the other side. When you go to put the stack in for the second pass, THINK CAREFULLY about which side should go up and which end of the page should go in first.

Hope that helps.

Michael asks…

Can I setup 2 print drives for the same printer on the 1 computer?

I have a computer that needs to be able to single side print and duplex print on the same printer but I dont want to go into properties and change it each time, so I was thinking two drivers one for single side printing and the other for duplexing and just have programs point to the corresponding drives.

Administrator answers:

You can you just have to select which printer drivers you want to use each time you print

Maria asks…

Dell 968 AIO Print Preferences Changed after Upgrading to Windows 7?

I recently upgraded my computer to Windows 7 and installed the Windows 7 driver for my Dell 968 AIO printer. Since I did that, the print preferences are VERY different and not in a good way. There are so fewer options. My printer has duplex printing enabled, but it is not an option in the print setup any more. How do I get back all my print options? Why would a ‘better’ operating system force me to have fewer options?

Administrator answers:

It’s not the Operating System that’s forcing you to have fewer options, dear lady. It’s that Dell haven’t released updated drivers for your particular printer that includes the options you want. Until Dell do release updated drivers for your printer, I’m sorry but you’re going to have to live with it … Or start saving your pennies to get a more up-to-date printer.

Charles asks…

How to print MS tables the right way up?

I have two landscape A4 tables (each one A4 sheet) created with MS Word (2003). I’m duplex printing to get them both on one sheet but the second one is upside down. I’ve tried different printing options (e.g page layout etc.) but these just aren’t the solution. I’d like to impress the people I’m doing it for and improve on my predecessors who couldn’t manage it either! Help me look good please!

Administrator answers:

I think I should print the first table, then I should toss the sheet upside down and print the second table on the back.

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