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Your Questions About Duplex Printing

July 7, 2013

Ruth asks…

What’s best HP Laserjet for home use with a wireless network?

We have both Macs and PCs, and want a compatible monochrome Laserjet with a small footprint. Duplex printing is nice, but not necessary. If you can link to product reviews, that’s the best.
I want personal references to products that work in a Mac/PC network. I don’t trust sales people. I want testimonials from happy customers. Offering me a sales support line is not any help.

Administrator answers:

Call 1-800-HPINVENT and just say gibberish until it connects you to a live person (or you can attempt to get through the voice system). You want to talk to someone in Laserjet PRESALES. You will not be charged for the phone call and they have all the information at their fingertips. Also the HP website does do a pretty good comparison chart too.

(You really think you are going to get people to do your work for you?)

Lizzie asks…

How do I print double sided on Mac?

I’ve recently gotten a Macbook, and was able to print double-sided on my PC with the printer I have now, but I am unable to change the settings to allow duplex printing. My printer is a Canon MX340.

Thanks. :-)

Administrator answers:

If you actually have a double sided printer ( i have the Epson Photo PX730WD ) you will need to install the CD which came with the printer. When installed, when in the print menu, you should find a option like properties or maybe “advanced” where you will be able to tick-box the double sided print option

Sharon asks…

Does the HP Photosmart Premium All-in-one printer do auto duplex printing?

I am wanting to know if the HP Photosmart Premium All-in-one printer do auto duplex printing (auto double-sided printing). Also, would you reccomend this printer for general use like printing homework and maybe photos.

Administrator answers:

It looks like it does with the information you gave. The model number would have helped. But, the Photosmart Premium All-in-one looks like it has that option

Helen asks…

How can I make HP Laserjet P3005 print (automatic instead of mannual feed) on both sides of paper?

I just got a new HP Laserjet P3005 and it would print on both sides through MANUAL FEED. How can print my documents on both sides (duplex) AUTOMATICALLY so that I dont have to manually feed the pages again and again. Help me!!!

Ps. The official HP documentation says “Duplex printing (printing on both sides of paper) = Manual (driver support provided).

Administrator answers:

I have had the same problem with my HP Deskjet F-340
All-In-One – It is my opinion HP software is definately not one of their stronger suits – have had a lot of problems with mine.

I have not tried “Printing Both Sides – Automatic” in quite some time; I was also sucessful @ “Printing Both Sides – Manual”.

You might try:

HP Solution Center [Icon / Software]
Print Settings
Printer Settings
Printing Shortcuts [Tab]
Print on Both Sides [Drop-Down]
Change “Manual Feed” to either
“Left edge booklet” or “Right edge booklet”

If this does not work, you might try contacting HP directly – I have done this several times, with pretty good results. HP says they will usually get back with you within 24 hours, but twice, they answeres questions of mine within 1 hour.

It may be HP software is not capable of “Printing Both Sides – Automatic”; if there is a way to do it, I sure haven’t found it.

Good Luck,

Ken C.
“Little Covered Wagon Cartridge X-change”

Ken asks…

Get a Table to print in the same spot on both sides of the paper when duplexing.?

I have a brother laser printer that duplexes and I need to print a month by month guide. When I duplex it, the cells do not print in the same place on both sides of the paper, but when I don’t duplex it and print pages 1 and 2 on two different sheets of paper, the cells line up! How can I get the cells to line up when duplexing? I need them to line up so that I can just cut them out already printed back to back so that when it is sent to be professionally printed, they can do the same. Thank you. BTW, I am using Word 2007.

Administrator answers:

For your printer this is easy, for you not so easy. It would be better just to explain what you want then he can do it for you…

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