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Your Questions About Duplex Printing

July 17, 2013

Nancy asks…

When making a brochure with Microsoft word, how do I get it to print on both sides of the paper?

…Instead of printing 2 different papers printed on front. In trying to make a regular little pamphlet that you fold open and it is printed on front and back.

Administrator answers:

You’re talking about double-sided or duplex printing. If you’re printing just a single double-sided page, do this:

1.Press CTRL/P to bring up the printer dialog box.
2.In the Pages combination box, put a 1.
3.Print the page.
4.After it’s finished printing, put it back in the printer with the unprinted side set to print next.
5.Repeat steps 1-3 above, but put a 2 in the Pages combination box.

If you’re printing a stack of pages, though, this is more efficient:

1.Press CTRL/P.
2.Check the Manual Duplex checkbox. This will cause Word to print one side of the sheets, then tell you to put the stack of paper back in so it can print the other side. When you go to put the stack in for the second pass, THINK CAREFULLY about which side should go up and which end of the page should go in first.

Hope that helps.

Sandra asks…

How do you print on both sides of the paper on Pages?

I am using Pages.
How do i print on both sides of the paper? I can’t figure it out. I’m trying to make a brochure, but it keeps printing out as 2 separate sheets instead of back to back.

Please help.

Administrator answers:

Go to start – printer and faxes (device and printer) -right click with your printer – properties (printing preferences ) ,look if your printer have an option -duplex printing ; that option oriented page , was much easier, if you gave more details about your printer and operating system but I’m sure you’ll find this option and you will solve .
Good luck !

William asks…

How to print picture from both sides of the paper?

I want to print picture from both sides of the paper, but picture must fit both sides like banknote…How to do that?

Administrator answers:

If you have a printer that can print both side automatically you can go into the printer properties and look for duplex printing or something like that or if you don’t after you print the first side flip the paper over and print another side.

Laura asks…

How to print a page of double sided material on Microsoft Word 2009?

Our school recently updated its software and I need to know how to print things double sided. It saves a lot of paper.
Our librarians have no idea how to do it either.

Administrator answers:

What you want to do is called Duplex Printing. If your printer supports it, there will be a selection for Duplex printing and all you have to do is to select it.

If your printer doesn’t support Duplex Printing, print the odd numbered pages then take the printed pages and put them back in the printer so that the first page will be the first one printed making sure that you have the orientation of the paper correct so that it doesn’t print upside down. Then select to print the even numbered pages and print.

Lisa asks…

How do I print a booklet in Adobe InDesign?

I am creating a 20 page newsletter in Adobe InDesign, but despite having a ‘classroom in a book’ I cannot work out the settings to print it out in booklet form, so all the pages are in order (back to back as a magazine would be). I want the finished product to be A4 when closed.

Please can someone help? Thanks.

Administrator answers:

If you are printing single pages backed up on A4, it will depend on whether your printer supports duplex printing whether you can do this automatically or not. If your printer does not have a duplex feature, print odd pages first, turn over and print even pages.

If you are printing on A3 and folding/stapling final product, you need to impose the pages.

There’s a number of ways to do this, depending also on which version of InDesign you are using. If yours has the InBooklet option (under the File menu) this is the easiest way, it creates a new document with your pages imposed as needed for printing.

If you do not have this option, you can export your document as a pdf, create a new InDesign document to twice the width and manually place the pdf pages in image frames – order for a 20 page booklet is: 20-1, 2-19, 18-3, 4-17, 16-5, 6-15, 14-7, 8-13, 12-9, 10-11.

There’s also a plugin that works with Acrobat, called Quite Imposing, see

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