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Your Questions About Duplex Printing

July 31, 2013

Helen asks…

How to Duplex Print (Double Side Print) on HP Officejet 6700?

I want to save paper, but I don’t know how to make this printer automatic double side print. I just got this printer.

Administrator answers:

It doesn’t do it automatically. Somewhere in the properties, you will see a double sided print option. Select it and start your printing. At some point, it will tell you to flip the stack of printed copies over and reinsert them in the paper feed.

James asks…

What is the cheapest automatic duplex printer that I could buy?

I am looking for a printer that can print on both sides of an A4 paper automatically without us having to turn the paper manually.
Is there a cheap one?
Thank You!

Administrator answers:

HP and Amazon currently have deals (links below) (c. HP $160 after instant rebate – Amazon – about $140) on the HP Photosmart Premium All-in-One (HP Model Number CD055A#ABA)

This printer prints, copies, scans, and direct digital photo prints. It offers automatic two-sided printing, prints up to 33 pages per minute, has black print resolution up to 600 x 600 dpi / Color print resolution 9600 x 2400 optimized dpi, among other features. It has a one-year limited warranty (I believe extended coverage is available, at a cost).


Here are some reviews of the printer:,39051175,45127100p,00.htm


Regarding ink costs, the HP brand higher-capacity inks for this printer (they are listed under one of the tabs (= “Cartridges”) on the first link above – the HP product info page) – may seem expensive (about $30/ per black cartridge and $18/for each color cartridge) but they do offer cheaper lower-yield ones (about $10-$12/cartridge) (the higher-capacity ones are a better deal in the long run).

Keep in mind that you could also save money by purchasing high-yield remanufactured cartridges for this printer:

I hope this helps.


Donna asks…

How to duplex with a Lexmark laser printer?

Hi, I need to print a document out at work tomorrow, double sided and I am not sure how Lexmark printers work with this. My Samsung you have to rotate 180 degree but keep printed side down, is this the same for every laser printer? I am not sure what model the Lexmark is, but it loads from the front and the printed pages come out to the back/top rather than front, so thinking might work differently?

Any suggestions?

Administrator answers:


I have no idea but if in doubt what I normally do is to put a mark on the paper then print anything to see which side it comes out on.

Then put it back the other way around, print something else and see what the result is.

That way you can do a few quick tests until you know which way up to put the second side.


Carol asks…

How do I print double sided pages in Microsoft Word?

I am getting really frustrated because in order to print double sided pages, I have to print one page and then put it back in the printer to print the other page on the back. However, if the paper is not put in the exact position it doesn’t come out properly.

Is there an easier way to make pages come out double sided? Maybe all it needs is for the settings to be changed?? Help would be very much appreciated.

Administrator answers:

Not unless your printer does duplex printing automatically. Try adjusting the paper guides to position the paper properly.


EDIT: You do know that you don’t have to print one page at a time, don’t you? Do this:

1.Press CTRL/P.
2.Check the Manual Duplex checkbox. This will cause Word to print one side of all the sheets, then tell you to put the stack back in so it can print the other side.

Linda asks…

How the hell do you print something double sided in microsoft word?

I have a paper that is 3 pages long, and I am trying to save some paper. I am trying to print it so I only use two pages printing it double sided. I am using microsoft word, I think a pretty new version. I read a bunch online but I couldn’t find anything to help me.
how do you just print one page with out printing the whole thing?

Administrator answers:

If you’re printing just a single double-sided page, do this:

1.Press CTRL/P to bring up the printer dialog box.
2.In the Pages combination box, put a 1.
3.Print the page.
4.After it’s finished printing, put it back in the printer with the unprinted side set to print next.
5.Repeat steps 1-3 above, but put a 2 in the Pages combination box.

If you’re printing a stack of pages, though, this is more efficient:

1.Press CTRL/P.
2.Check the Manual Duplex checkbox. This will cause Word to print one side of the sheets, then tell you to put the stack of paper back in so it can print the other side. When you go to put the stack in for the second pass, THINK CAREFULLY about which side should go up and which end of the page should go in first.

Hope that helps.

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