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Your Questions About Duplex Printing

August 8, 2013

Donna asks…

Does the HP Laserjet M2727nf have a automatic duplex feature or not?

I understand from several item listings for this printer that it has “automatic duplex” functionality. I have at one time printed brochure style prints that did auto duplex, but I can’t seem to get any auto duplex functionality of simple print outs.

Administrator answers:

Yes. Duplex printing is included. See the specifications here:

(Scroll down to the Paper Handling section.)

Susan asks…

How is double print on papers affect laser printer?

I like to re-use paper for printing to save on cost and of course the trees, so I’ll put those paper which printed only on one side back into the tray for re-printing on the other side, but I was told this can spoil or affecting laser printer roller feed, is it any truth in it? Thanks
The paper I used for re-printing on the other side are mostly from photocopying and not from laser printer, furthermore, the re-printing are not done immediately.

Administrator answers:

When paper is printed on with a laser printer, there is always a very light, fine toner dust that is left on the paper other than the actual print (one user I had kept re-using sheets of labels and printing only 1 or 2 labels at a time and complained of how dirty gray/black the sheet kept getting after each printing. They too were trying to save money, but the result was the remaining labels getting dirtier with each time). This dust acts like an abrasive and over time will deteriorate feed rollers and retention rollers/pads, and cause paper feed problems quicker than if they used clean paper each time. Re-using paper as you stated will cause them to wear out quicker and cause them not to pick paper reliably or cause multiple sheets to feed at one time. Printers that are duplex printers and print both sides during the same print job use a separate paper path for the second side and therefore don’t use the initial rollers that would be affected by putting the paper back into the paper tray for re-use (many people don’t understand the difference and assume that it’s all the same).

The other problem of reusing paper as you stated is that once paper has gone through the fusing assy the heat removes most of the moisture content from the paper and resuing it will most probably result in poorer print quality and paper jams (usually due to static buildup in the paper since the moisture content of the paper reduces static buildup and it was removed in the fusing process. You will see evidence of this when pieces of paper cling to each other instead of separating easily.) Also the lack of moisture in the paper can cause the paper to curl which can also cause paper handling problems.

You are welcome to reuse paper as you see fit as long as you are aware of the potential problems and side affects. Many people do this without much problem, but are confused when they do have problems surface and blame the printer instead of the re-cycled paper.

Best of luck.

William asks…

What do you recommend for a cheap color printer that duplexes?

I wish I had the money for a color laser that duplexes, but i dont. Does anyone have a suggestion for the next best thing?

Administrator answers:

If you can not afford a proper duplex color laser, then look for a printer with an easy to access manual paper feed.

You then feed the page yourself for printing on the other side. The secret is to do it very quickly as lasers have a tendancy to introduce curl into paper which makes it difficult for the feed rollers to cleanly pick them up for the second run through.

The other option, large jobs, is if your printing program (word processer, etc) allows you to print off and then even pages, you can turn the stack of pages and print the other side in bulk. For reasons of curl, this can be problematic.

Sometime it will work, if you can obtain the right paper, but requires a bit of testing and usually isn’t the cheapest around.

The other trick is to neatly stack al the printed pages, place a large board and then put four bricks on them overnight. It works, but is fiddly.

George asks…

How do i print back to back on my printer?

I’m tryna save paper, by printing my stories back to back. How do i do it? My printer is HP Photosmart C7250 All in one (Photosmart Express) and i have Microsoft Office Word 2003 If that helps. Thanks!

Administrator answers:

You can also use the following procedure to set up your printer for manual duplex printing:

1. On the File menu, click Print.
2. In the lower-left corner of the Print dialog box, in the Print box, click Odd pages.
3. Click OK.
4. After the odd pages are printed, flip the stack of pages over, and then in the Print dialog box, click Even pages.
5. Click OK.

Steven asks…

How do I print multiple pages on adobe pdf?

I have this 6 page pdf document and I’m trying to print two per sheet of paper but everytime I try I keep getting these errors…document could not be printed…there were no pages selecte to be printed..a drawing error occured. I double checked everything and still nothing worked. I have adobe reader 9 if that helps.

Administrator answers:

First -check to see if there are any security settings on the file to prevent it from printing. Go to file properties and see the security tab.

If there is nothing to restrict printing, then it might be a problem with the way the file was created.

Once you rule out problems with the file, in your printer properties you should see the option for page layout printing to choose more than one page per sheet or duplex printing if you want it two sided.

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