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Your Questions About Duplex Printing

August 15, 2013

Maria asks…

How to print single side when the default settings are duplex?

When I run a report in one of the application it produces a report which I can view in a file viewer. Then when I print it, it is printing double sided. How can I get the report to print on single side only? I looked the properties of printer and now here I found a place to change it single sided setting. Do I need to install printer driver for this or what is the solution?

Administrator answers:

Go in printer preferences and set it to single side. Then print. Or, before printing, set the printer to single side and it will ouput in that fashion.

Helen asks…

How can I print a document on the computer in both sides of a paper?

I use Pages for Mac to print my essays and things like that. Is there a way I can print a document using both sides of the paper?

Administrator answers:


There are two solutions for this situation:

1. Search for a “duplex sided printer”

2. Also, this thread may help you, especially the answer made by the user ‘tarl’:

I guess what you should check there is the line:
“Ah, there’s the clue. The printer doesn’t actually support two-sided printing. You PC accomplished it with a bit of software magic.

To replicate it on a Mac, choose Print. Then click on the bottom-most popup in the right column– it should have the name of application by default.

Choose Paper Handling. And choose Odd Only. Print.
Flip the paper.
Repeat as above but choosing Even Only.”

3. You may also consider the link below!

Good Luck!

Donna asks…

Having a problem with duplex printing when sharing from Windows 7 to XP?

I have a Windows 7 64bit, with a HP Laserjet 3005d (duplex) connected via USB, when i share it to the Windows XP Pro, and try to print on the XP Pro PC it has to do do the duplex manual, it seems theres a problem with the driver? Maybe?
Can anyone Help Me.

Administrator answers:

We can take a look at it remotely. We are an IT company with certified technicians standing by please visit our website and we can begin helping you right away.

Nancy asks…

why some will send mail in encrypt format and how do you read the encrypted mail? ?

1> why some will send mail in encrypt format and how do you read the encrypted mail?
2> what is water mark, virtual memory, page file and hyper threading?
3> how do you dedicated one system to only one user?
4> how do you restrict user to login the system?
5> how do set duplex setting while printing and printer?

Administrator answers:

1) Someone sent you encrypted mail because they want to ensure no one else could read it. Encryption requires the receiver to have the key to decrypt it. If you don’t have that you’ll have to go back to them for the key.

2) Water mark – an near translucent image on the back of a page. Often used to brand the source (e.g., a company name or logo).

Virtual memory – disk based memory managed by the O/S for applications that require more memory than is available in the system.

Page File – the file where the virtual memory is kept.

3) Allow only one person to sign on – typically they are the only ones with an account.

4) Set the permissions on the user account to limit what they are able to do.

5) Go to printer options when the print dialog is selected and go to the page where double sided (or duplex printing is set). It is different for each printer.

Linda asks…

how do I print my book from Indesign for coptic stitch binding?

I have designed an A5 book for a university project and want to print it and stitch them together using the coptic stitch technique, how can i do this by printing on Indesign?

or what other program can I use ?

Administrator answers:

You can print your file on any printer, if doublesided, it will depend on your printer’s ability to handle duplex printing – if not you may need to print odd pages first, then back up with even pages.

Make sure you leave enough room in the spine margin to allow for the binding – alter in Document Setup if needed.

If you are getting someone else to print it, you may want to export the file to pdf format – that way if the printing company does not have a compatible version of InDesign it will not matter and even if they do, you do not need to worry about supplying fonts and images.

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