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Your Questions About Duplex Printing

June 22, 2012

Mary asks…

Why has my printer stopped printing duplex?

I have an HP 4600 printer which has printed duplex fine for years, recently it has stopped printing on both sides of the paper and instead prints 2 separate sheets, even though duplex is still turned on and has been selected when printing?

How can i get it to print duplex again?

Administrator answers:

On the printer menu make sure it is enabled. You might even remove and reseat the duplex unit. The printer sounds like it doesn’t know it is installed.

Lizzie asks…

How to format book with duplex printing in Word?

I would like to print a book/leaflet sort of thing. How would I format it so that it prints front and back and aligns, meaning that page 7 for example would be printed on the same sheet as page 11, and page 8 would be printed along with page 12, so that when I fold it over, they line up???? Does that make any sense???? Thanks fer the answers….

Administrator answers:

If your printer is capable of duplex printing, there will be a checkbox for duplex printing. Otherwise, you print the odd pages, put the paper back into the printer and print the even pages. How you align the paper the second time depends on the printer, so you have to experiment with one page.

Joseph asks…

can a document that has been interrupted during printing be restarted when doing duplex printing?

i accidentally disconnected printer from laptop and forgot i was printing a duplex document how can i get the pages to finis printing on the other side of the paper, using a canon pixma mp480

Administrator answers:

Because of the disconnection, the data being sent will not be properly recognizable by the printer when it tries to start again, and most of the data will be lost, but you do not have to reprint the entire document again from the start if it was a multi-page document.

Since you were in the middle of printing a document, if it was a multi-page document, you can start printing where you were interrupted at. In your application, choose File from the file menu at top, then select Print. When the print box opens, go down to where is says Page Range and put in the page numbers of the pages you need to print in the Pages window, then select OK.

If, however, it was a 2 page document, you will have to start from the beginning again with a new sheet.

Best of luck.

Chris asks…

How does duplex printing work? does it print both sides of the same page ?

Like I don’t wont 2pages of the same thing if both pages are different words does it scan the bottom of the paper and the top or just the bottom and print. It on both sides

Administrator answers:

No, it will print the first page of your document on one side then flip the page over and print the second page on the back. Then page three on the top of the next sheet and so on until your complete document is printed.

From the way your question is worded it sounds like you may be copying a two sided document instead of printing from a word processor such as MS Word. It should still work the same though and your copied document should look like the original.

I hope this helps.

Helen asks…

how to do Duplex printing for two-sided document printing and copy output is a standard feature. on a brother ?

how to do Duplex printing for two-sided document printing and copy output is a standard feature. on a brother dcp 8045d

Administrator answers:

When you go to File > Print, before you click Ok, click on Preferences. This will open the printer driver and then in there somewhere will be a button to click on duplex/double sided printing.

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