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Your Questions About Duplex Printing

December 22, 2012

James asks…

Brother HL-4040cn: duplex printing problem?

I’m trying to print my school notes double-sided (I have 100+ pages to print) and I’m using a brother HL-4040cn laser printer. It prints duplex automatically but it keeps printing the second page upside-down! I’ve searched through the printing settings for over an hour trying to figure out how to fix this problem, and I can’t find anywhere to change the duplex settings.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!! Thank you!!

Administrator answers:

That is rather interesting, but if you are using the BR-Script (a kind of Postscript driver I think) there is an option setting that can affect that:
1 Open the Properties dialog box in the printer driver.
2 From the General tab, click the Printing Preferences icon.
3 From the Layout tab, choose Orientation, Print on Both Sides (Duplex) and Page Order.
In there, there is also a way to choose the duplex type, which will allow flipping the page in several different ways for the duplex side.
This can be seen in the manual on page 24:

Best of luck.

George asks…

Duplex printing on deskjet 940c?

Its a great printer and i need it for the ink capacity (40ml omg!) but theres no point in saving on ink if it uses twice the paper! Any way to make it do duplex, perhaps a 3rd party mod or something?

Administrator answers:

Most HP inkjets have that built into the software. Check your printer properties. There should be a duplex option…which pretty much will print the odd pages first, then tell you to flip the stack over and it will then print the even pages on the back.

Susan asks…

Having trouble with duplex printing?

I should have the option to print double sided in the ‘layout’ option but it does not appear for the Konica Minolta C250 printer that I use at work. No problem with double sided on other printers so I know it’s not my documents or laptop. Just this one. Others at work seem to be able to print double sided. Any ideas?

Administrator answers:

You have to get the printer software installed on your computer. Then you will see the duplex option appear.

Betty asks…

Duplex printing of worksheets in excel 2010?

I have an excel 2010 workbook with 6 worksheets. Each worksheet is only a single A4 page in size and can be successfully printed on a single page.
I would like to print all worksheets in the workbook in duplex mode. ie sheets 1 & 2 back to back, sheets 3 & 4 back to back etc.
When I attempt to print the entire workbook in duplex more, sheets 1 prints single sided, sheet 2 prints single sided, sheets 3 & 4 print back to back and sheets 5 & 6 print back to back.
I am printing on a Kyocera FS-1020D printer.
I hope someone out there can help me to solve this problem.

David R.
Thanks for the information.
I have a copy of Acrobat Distiller installed on my computer and I did try to ‘print’ the spreadsheet to a .pdf. When I did this distiller created a .pdf for sheet 1, a new pdf for sheet 2 and yet a third one for sheets 3-6, just a the printer did.

I have solved the problem by recreating the spreadsheet in a new workbook and it now prints perfectly OK.

Thanks for your help.

Administrator answers:

It shouldnt really be an excel problem.
It is far more likely to be printer driver problem since duplex is a printer feature
and nothing to do with excel.

There are things to try

try creating a PDF version, and duplex printing that instead

PDF writers are virtual printers and a reasonable way of testing printouts
it often shows up margin, and paper type problems.

I use cutepdf but there are many others
CutePdf installs two exe’s and then you get a new Printer.
You print to this Fake(virtual)printer and it asks for a filename (the xxx.pdf)

office often goes wrong with problems relating to MARGINS.


always SET the PRINT area.
You SELECT the cells you want printed
and then on the file menu

this might sort the problem if you havnt been doing this
its surprising how cells look empty, but excel THINKS they have been altered
and therefore treats them as printable.

Chris asks…

HP deskjet k109g does not support manual duplex printing.What does that mean?

HP says Duplex printing is not supported by HP k109g

Is it okay to flip the paper manually and print?
Whats the difference between the terms ‘manual duplex supported’ & ‘duplex not supported’
How much amount of ink will be wasted whenever i switch on the printer?

Administrator answers:

Most printers can be used to print on both sides of the paper, but you run the risk of picking up artifacts when you do so. Printers who can automatically duplex print generally run with reduced ink being laid on the paper to prevent bleed through. Also, the paper you use becomes important since most general purpose copy paper (the cheapest you can buy) is porous and will allow more “bleeding” than paper designed for inkjet printers.

If your printer (I use Epson printers, so I don’t know what HP’s controls look like) allows you to reduce the amount of ink (possibly with a draft quality), then use that setting for printing pages where you plan to print on both sides. The print may look faded as a result, so you may need to do some experimenting. But yes, you can manually flip your paper. If the printer does not have a manual feed tray or slot, then you run the risk of paper jams at the paper tray and that can cause some very big problems.

That may be the case with the HP printer you are looking at. In looking at the few pictures I found online, I would not try to print on both sides unless you can manually feed the sheets one at a time.

The “none (not supported)” in the specs may simply be that it does not feature automatic duplex printing (two sided).

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