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Your Questions About Duplex Printing

March 15, 2012

Sharon asks…

duplex printing?

I have an hp laserjet 2200dn. It has automatic duplex printing. When I depress the print button it will do this but not when I’m printing a document. I’ve read the online manual without being able so solve the problem.

I’m running XP using the USB connection. I’ve downloaded the latest driver from the HP site.

The printer was purchased as a refurbished model.

Administrator answers:


When you are editing your (word) document, have a look at the printer settings within word.
File -> Print -> Properties
What is here the selection?

Print on both sides

Flip on short Edge?
Flip on long Edge?

If you specify within your document not to do duplex, I guess
it will do single page..


Betty asks…

What is the meaning of “no manual duplex printing” in a Laser-jet printer?

There is one laser-jet printer Canon LBP2900B the website says that it does not support “manual duplex printing
What does that mean? Does that mean I will not be able to turn around the printed page and feed it again so that the other side can also be used for printing?

Administrator answers:

Correct. I haven’t heard of this before, but I assume that the rollers that move the paper would either get ink buildup or wreck the printed side of the page.

Joseph asks…

Can I do duplex printing on one sided paper?

I only have this one sided paper and it is not mentioned whether it is good for duplex printing or not so can I still do duplex printing? My printer is inkjet and I don’t want to ruin it

thanks in advance :)

Administrator answers:

Not really sure how to answer that question as I would need to know more about how or why this paper you have is “one sided”. Does the paper have a different surface/coating on the other side?

If the paper looks the same on both sides, then it should probably work OK. But, if it has a waxy or slick type coating on the one side, then it may not accept the ink properly.

I don’t think that you’ll ruin the printer by trying it once to see what will happen. Usually the most that will happen when the paper isn’t the right type, is the ink will not be absorbed properly into the paper and will stay wet much longer and wipe off easily.

There are few things that it can do to an inkjet printer to really ruin it. One, it could curl up a little as it goes through and get caught on printhead/ink carriage that slides back & forth and cause some damage, but it normally just causes a jam and needs to have the paper pulled out carefully.

Personally, I’d say to try it once to see how it works and go from there.

Linda asks…

Duplex printing on the kyocera ep c170n kx printer?

i have the kyocera ep c170n kx printer, and wish to make a custom cd jacket for a friend. i would like to print on both sides of the paper for this, but when i go to the options on my computer, the duplex option is faded out and inaccessible. is there anything special i need to do on my printer first and how do i print it out right?

thanks in advance for any help! printers are so not my thing.

Administrator answers:

I may not be built to duplex, the program/drivers that it uses may work on several models some with the ability to duplex that why you see the symbol. You may have to flip the paper over and put it back in the tray, practice on black and white with not much graphics until you get it figured out. What does the manual say? If you don’t have one you can download one from

Jenny asks…

Does automatic duplex printing mean that the printer prints only on both sides?

Or can it also be switched to single sided printing for specified jobs?

Administrator answers:

Automatic means you don’t have to handle the paper yourself, like print just the odd pages but only on one side, then take the stack out, flip it over, and print only the even pages. Automatic means it pulls the paper back in and prints on the other side w/o user intervention.

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