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Your Questions About Duplexer

April 10, 2013

Steven asks…

What is the difference between the HP OfficeJet and the HP PhotoSmart printers?

I am not worried about dpi or specs. Is one better for Photos?

Administrator answers:

Officejets are catered mainly for office use. So they may come with features such as fax, scanners, network capability, duplexers, etc.

Photosmarts are printers which have photo capability, which means they have photo-friendly features like memory card slots for you to print directly. Some photosmarts also have special photo-capable ink cartridges, such as gray ink for B&W photos, etc.

In general, the officejets also come with bigger capacity ink cartridges which cost more but is capable of a higher number of pages, which translates to lower cost per page.

Ruth asks…

Is it possible to use only one Aircraft Antenna for VHF Comm and VHF Nav using splitter?

Is it possible to use only one antenna for VHF Nav and VHF Comm using splitter in an aircraft?

Administrator answers:

Yes. However it is not called a splitter, but a diplexer or duplexer. See

You will also get a few dB of loss on the receivers and also the one transmitter. Sometimes the size of the diplexer makes that solution not as practical as just using 2 different antennas, especially if the frequency is at VHF.

Chris asks…

How can I print both size of the paper?

I have a canon mx 420, can someone explain me how to do it?

Administrator answers:

If your printer doesn’t have a duplexer you will likely find an option in your print menu for manual duplex printing. That means that your system will print pages 1, 3, 5, etc in a stream then prompt you to put the paper back in the printer in a certain way to print the second side.

Just read carefully and follow the instructions.

Nancy asks…

can you have dish network and cable internet at the same time?

We currently have Verizon DSL & Dish TV Service. Can we keep the dish tv service and also have cable internet at the same time?

Administrator answers:


The satellite installer will install a “duplexer” that will allow you to connect the cable to the satellite cable so that switching between the two will be seamless.

Daniel asks…

Good quality color laser printer for home office?

I need a recommendation for a color laser. My wish list in order of importance at the top would be:
- Color
- Able to load around 200 pages
- Print double sided (duplex), automatically
- Print fast
- Ideally print card stock (not too heavy)
- Ideally wireless
Mainly used for black and white. I’d prefer to be able to refill the cartridges to save money. Price range, under $1000. Thanks.

Administrator answers:


Your best buy is the HP Color LaserJet CP2025x Printer with 250 sheet capacity, full duplex, network ready etc…

Here is a link….


There is also Brother HL-4040CDN. Which is also a good buy.

Here is the link….


We use the HP for its speed and cheaper on the toner in the long run. HP 4014n . It prints 45 ppm and the cartridge yield 10,000 copies. We added the duplexer tray.

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