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Your Questions About Duplexer

May 6, 2013

George asks…

Are there any printers that will print both sides of the page at once?

Or a printer that can print both sides of the page without having to manually flip the pages over? I’m looking for a printer that my university could use to reduce the large paper consumption. However, oftentimes many students will print off the same printer at once, so manually flipping the pages over and sending it back through isn’t an option because somebody else’s work could print on your papers.

Administrator answers:

There are many, many makes and models of printers (inkjet & laser) that will print on both sides of the paper. These printers have built-in duplexers that automatically run the paper back through the printer to print on the back side after printing on the first side, it doesn’t require human intervention to flip the paper over.

You can set the printer to always print duplex, or only when selected. Some papers students print out have to be single sided only for any number of reasons, so forcing it to print duplex all the time could be an issue, but otherwise it would work fine. It’ll be hard to get people to select the duplex option when it would make sense, so I don’t know how feasible this may be.

You’ll need to do your own research to find a printer that meets the specifications you need for what it’s used for (i.e. Print speed, printer size, laser or inkjet, paper capacity, system & interface compatibility, printer duty cycle, etc….) as well as one that has duplex capability. Most all mid-range and higher laser printers are duplex printers anymore.

Best of luck.

Maria asks…

What printer should I get for photos?

I’m searching around for a printer that can do full-color prints well (nothing larger than the standard 8.5×11) and occasional double-sided documents from a Mac. Would prefer scanner and wireless capabilities, but it’s not a requirement. Should be sized well for a dorm room. Willing to spend up to about $200.

So what are your suggestions?

Administrator answers:

With an inket, you have to take into account the warranty and cost of ink. With a laser you have to take into account the cost of the cartridge and the page yield to get the cost per page. The link at the end is an article comparing the two with recommendations and links to online deals and coupons.The Artisan 800 series have a $30 duplexer which can print on both sides. Here’s a synopsis:

The best printer deals online:
The deals change daily. You can choose EITHER free ground shipping or 15% off with the coupons in the link at the end. Best warranty in the industry, Epson will fedex a replacement and pick up the old one at their expense should you need it. Best of all, you can get ink for under 50 cents a cartridge. You pay under 2.50 for reusable cartridges and then get $2 back for the empties. Or you can buy refillables (which is what Im using now) and refill yourself for pennies. The info on the printer and the link to the epson deals is updated constantly at

John asks…

How do you print a photo on both sides of a paper so that both images be well aligned?

Are there some software to help you with that? My artisan 810 can do double sided print but I just found out it only works for standard plain paper and not for photo quality….

any suggestion?

At this point I’m assuming I’ll have to print one side and then flip it and print again. not a big deal but idk if it will be accurate

Administrator answers:

The printer includes an automatic duplexer. Do you have to setup this function on printer preferences ?
Good luck!

Charles asks…

Do you have to use laser paper for HP laserjets?

I have tried using plain copy paper, and my HP Laserjet sometimes drags couple of those sheets in at once, which a pain in the ass if I am doing double-sided printing.

Administrator answers:

Plain copy paper should be just fine. There are two common causes for a laser printer to pull in more than one page at a time, knowing which model printer you have would have helped me give you more exact details.

One possible cause is due to a worn or dirty retention roller or pad (depending on the printer model) in the paper tray that is supposed to keep any extra papers from being pulled from the tray at a time.

The other common cause is if the paper is dry and the environment the paper is stored and used in is dry. Paper requires a certain amount of moisture content and the printer and paper should be in an environment of humidity of at least 15% to 40%. When the paper becomes too dry it will begin to collect static electricity and the papers will cling to each other due to the static cling. You can tell if this is the case when the multiple pages that print out need to be peeled apart instead of just separating easily.

To help with the static cling in the paper, you can try taking out all the paper from the tray and fanning it at both ends by flipping through all the paper like cards, then try it again. Another option would be to use a fresh batch of paper. The last option would be to start using a humidifier in the room with the printer itself.

You should not reuse paper already gone through the printer by putting it back into the paper tray since once it’s gone through once the fuser has removed most of the moisture from the paper and will most likely cause static cling jams. A printer with a built-in duplexer is designed to print on both sides, but if you don’t have a duplexer, then you need to feed the paper in using the manual feed tray instead to reduce jamming problems.

Mandy asks…

I need a new printer, what kind is the best for a Dell?

I use it at home only and just for everyday use. I would like one that also copies and scans.

Administrator answers:

The Dell 968 All-in-One Printer does a fine job with all the basics and the wireless and other networking features help boost it above the competition. It warms up fast, is easy to set up, and has an automatic document feeder. A duplexer would be nice–there’s one available as an option – GET THE DUPLEXER – you will be so happy if you do … There are some on ebay at a reasonable price … As for new … Prices vary wildly … Do a search first … That will save you money … ALSO … Invest in refillable cartridges … Good luck

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