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Your Questions About Duplexer

June 5, 2013

Mark asks…

Driver has been told about the unit but I still get the annoying message.?

The duplex printing does work, the message is erroneous.

Administrator answers:

If you can, reseat the Duplexer.

Joseph asks…

which scanner i should purchase for bulk scanning work? does Multifunctions r substitute of scanners.?

which scanner i should purchase for bulk scanning work? does Multifunctions r substitute of scanners.

Administrator answers:

Some multifunction devices work wonderfully well as “standalone” scanners.

Last year, I deployed a fleet of Lexmark devices to a Federal agency for just that purpose. Overall, they have been well received and with their integration into the domain, users can now scan large documents right into their home folders from anywhere at the facility quickly and efficiently.

I suppose the recommendation is going to depend on what sort of bulk scanning you need to do. If you just need to scan a small number of large documents, any scanner with an Automatic Document Feeder, or ADF, will work just fine. HP and Lexmark both have good offerings in this area, as do many other companies. The automatic feeder will greatly simplify and speed up the process. What you have to be careful of is that many of the lower cost scanners only have a single scan head, and do not work well for duplex (two sided) documents. If you look at a multifunction printer, you will have to make sure that the device has a duplexer. This usually indicates that the scanner can handle double sided sheets without too much trouble. On the multifunction side, I would recommend the Lexmark X7675. Use Adobe and a TWAIN driver for the capture, rather than Lexmark’s productivity software for your scanning. For a standalone scanner, the HP 5590 cannot be beat.

Unfortunately both of these devices have a maximum daily duty cycle of approximately 2000 pages. If you need to do more than this, let me know and I can recommend you an enterprise product and tell you the best place to get it.

For scanning large numbers of individual documents, the solutions are different. You are likely better off with an enterprise product running custom scanning software. This is not as expensive as it sounds, but does need specialized support in some cases.

Linda asks…

Would you recommend an inkjet or laser printer for a web developer?

Administrator answers:

Balancing the power costs of a laser at 500-800W for a laser during use (90W idle), and the HP Officejet Pro 8500,8000,8600 an inkjet which uses 20W printing 0W sleep.
Consumables-wise, the HP officejet pro 8000 and 8600 and the Kodak inkjet printers which use the teeny 10 series carts (most all of them) costs 8 cents/page, lower than other inkjets. My officejet pro 8500, while it gets great “ink mileage” (I am going through reams and reams of paper on 1 XL cart), I have noticed that the 8500 (not sure about the 8600) commonly has a problem with streaking after the first year of use – it is correctable, but it keeps coming back frequently. Printer reports everything is in good condition.

The kodak printer’s carts don’t hold much ink, consequently they do about 420 pages, less than 1 ream. The officejet 940XL carts do 1400 pages.

What do I recommend? Something that lasts a long time AND has a low cost/page. An Okidata color laser C610dn at 9cents/page color and about 1.1cents/page black, the lowest of any printer on the market. My last okidata LED printer lasted 17 years through several image drum replacements and a fair number of toner carts, and the LED head was never replaced, and it was warrantied for only 5 years and look how long it lasted…

I have done a fair amount of study on printers over the past several years, and it’s the best printer out there. We have an 800W okidata workgroup laser printer, and like my older okidata laser printer, it contains a fuser (heater) and it dims the lights every time it starts up. So think about what it is you want to do… If you have old 10A wiring or have knob & tube (a 1904 house) I wouldn’t recommend a laser,get a .

By the way, the officejet I have (inkjet) PSU says 180W, but it only uses 20W when printing and 0W when idle. With the officejets, it’s best to leave the printer on always.

I like using an inkjet (officejet pro 8500 wireless) personally. I am a web developer. Faster 1st-time-to-print than laser because there is no warmup. 35ppm (I keep mine on draft and auto duplex). It has a 5-user print server built in and it has 2 mac addresses, one for ethernet and one for wireless.

If you have more people in the building, consider getting a workgroup printer like the okidata C610dn.
It has a decent print server built in.

That duplexer sure saves a lot of expensive paper…

Helen asks…

How do I print on both side of paper using HP Laserjet 8500DN?

Administrator answers:

The Name of your printer tells you everything you need to know about the printer:

HP Laserjet 8500 = Your printer type
D = Duplexer, this does both side printing
N = Network, this tells you the a JetDirect Card is available

If nothing is broken then insure you have duplexing active on the printer and confirm you have the proper Driver.

Driver URL:

I Hope this Helps!

David asks…

What is the best multifunction copier?

Copy, print, scan, and with the functions to hole punch and staple, too. Also, be able to copy front and back (or both sides).

Administrator answers:

Print/Copy/Scan are not a problem, but if you want a printer that will punch holes and staple also, you are going to have to go to a business printer (large and expensive). Copy/Print both sides would be a duplexer.

You are going to have to contact a business center. Best Buy has a Best Buy for Business center and they can help you with this. Otherwise you are going to have to contact individual manufacturers business centers. You can search online for business printers. Most every printer manufacturer has a business section/center and will be more than happy to help you.

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