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Your Questions About Duplexer

June 24, 2013

Sandy asks…

How do I print double sided?

I’m trying to print a PDF file that is landscape, and I have a Canon Mp150. When I turn on duplex printing, it tells me after it prints the first page to turn it over and put it back. It prints on the other side, but no matter what way I turn it, it always prints it backwards. How can I make it print on both sides without me flipping it over, or make it print in the right direction?

Administrator answers:

To do this without touching the paper you need a printer that has a duplexer. For HP Laserjet it would have d in the name like 2100d. For little inkjets and lasers without duplexers you have to take the paper out and usually flip it with the previous printing face up and bottom in the printer first.

Some printers may be different. To figure this out, take a blank piece of paper and hand write a T at the top of the page and a B at the bottom. Put the paper in your printer (remember where the T and B are as you place it in paper tray) and print something. Observe the paper as it comes out. From where the T and B are and where the print is, you should be able to figure out how to print two sides.

David asks…

how can i set my dell printer 966 to print on the front and back of paper?

My printer has faxing, scanning, and copying capabilities.

Administrator answers:

Did u get the optional duplexer for double side printing?

Laura asks…

Is there a color laser printer that prints 11X17 duplex at a reasonable price?

I’m looking for a good color laser that prints tabloid (11×17) and both sides of the paper. I teach a high school graphics class so cost is an issue.

Administrator answers:

HP 5550 runs around $3,500.
You can manually duplex to cut costs.
11″x17″ kicks the price up to that area.

HP2600N 8.5″x14″ color manual duplexer start around $400!

George asks…

How to load paper into HP LaserJet 4000N?

The display says ‘Tray 2 Empty’. Where is tray 2? Which one is it? I’ve tried every place where paper could possibly go.

Administrator answers:

I own 3 HP Laserjets and 1 HP Color Laserjet myself, and often I get confused as well… I was thinking it was just the STANDARD Normal Paper Tray and assuming you don’t have a duplexer, then the only other option would be the Manual Feed <=often used for envelopes but sometimes to work the manual feed (successfully) you must press down on the larger GO button to trigger/press the manual feed…

Hope the Above Info Helps!

Paul asks…

how do i make my printer print double sided?

i have a hp officejet 7310 all in one
i upgraded to windows 7 and now it dosnt print double sided automatically i have to get up and flip the page and put it back into the paper tray were in xp it just sucked the paper back up and printed on the other side.
i updated the drivers(i think all of them) and i have no idea and its bugging me alot.

Administrator answers:

Turn on the “duplexer”

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