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Your Questions About Duplexer

July 1, 2013

Nancy asks…

How do I find out of this HP LASERJET 4200 printer has JETDIRECT & automatic duplexing?

I need to find out if this type of HP LASERJET 4200 has ethernet networking jetdirect and automatic duplexing? Is anyone familiar with this laserjet, if not how can one find out for sure? Thanks in advance.

Administrator answers:

Look on the back of the printer, is it flat straight down from top to bottom? Then you don’t have a duplexer installed. However, if you have an attachment sticking out the back about 4″ or so and about 4″ thick (here is a picture of one at this link):

then you do have a duplexer. All you need to do then is set it up in your driver and software application to use it.

As for the JetDirect, look at the back of the printer on the left side. You will see two plates (one above the other) near the parallel interface port (if you see two plates, you don’t have a JetDirect network card) or there will be a JetDirect card mounted in one of those slots secured with two thumbscrews that will say JetDirect on it with the RJ-45 network jack in the middle (it will look like this web link shows or very similar:

Hope that helps. Best of luck.

Carol asks…

Can a ham radio diplexer be used backwards?

Suppose you have a multiban radio transmitter, such as a yaesu 8900, and multiple antennas. you use a diplexer to separate the frequencies to each antenna.

can you use the same diplexer backwards, connecting one multiband antenna to two radios?
If not what would such an antenna-sharing device be called?
And how practical would such an arrangement be?

Administrator answers:

Depends on which way your trying to do. Yes they make a duplexer that allows you to hook one radio up to several antennas. You could not use that backwards, as one end has a jack that attaches to a radio and the other to the antenna. So in reverse there would be the wrong type plug to attach..

Ken asks…

What is the difference between XLR Female to 2 XLR Male and XLR Male to 2 XLR Female?

Administrator answers:

Have you been reading the sex ads again? If not, then look at the following link re connectors. The male is the one with the pins that go into the holes (not sure why they decided this). If they talk about two going into one or one going into two, then they’re referring to what are called cable splitters (and I’m not sure what the opposite of splitter is, perhaps duplexers, but you’ll have to look that up).

Now if you need to know what it means in the sex ads …. Then I’m your man! But we would be better to have this conversation in private.

Daniel asks…

How to print on both sides of a page?

I have a standard canon printer, i need to print a powerpoint document, 4 slides on one side of a page, and they’re a lot of slides so instead of doing it manually i wanted to know if there was a way to print on both sides of a page without having to print 4 slides turn over the page and print the next 4.

franz how do i check on that page if i can?

Administrator answers:

No printer, not even commercial ones, print both sides at the same time. The ink has to dry before printing the other side. But if you have a printer with a duplexer, it can print one side, turn the paper automatically, and print on the other side.

Linda asks…

I need a laser printer with wifi so I can print wireless cheap toner to replace. Please help.?

I work from home and I have an Imaq & PC and I need a laser printer which is compatible to both.
Also, looking for Wi-fi so I can print remotely/wireless
also a photocopier, fast scanner, printer and a fax.
Also, not expensive to change the toner.

Many thanks

Administrator answers:

For the money, the HP 1212nf is the way to go. The printer had a duplexer which means that you can print both sides of the paper.

Here is the link and well worth the money :)

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