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Your Questions About Duplexer

August 3, 2013

David asks…

Converting HP Laserjet 2200 and Laserjet 2420 to a duplexing printer (I dont want to print duplex manually)?

They do not have internal duplexers at the moment

Administrator answers:

The laser jet 2200 should have come with an internal duplexer. It is just a matter of selecting print on both side in your print properties.

George asks…

Hp p3005 printer always says something is jammed but when i inspect the printer nothing seems to be jammed?

Any solutions for this thanks

Administrator answers:

A couple of things are common to cause this.

1. Make sure the rear paper guide in the paper tray is properly set for the size of your paper so that the paper is at the front of the tray properly. Sometimes the guide slips back and the paper moves away from the pickup roller and will cause a false paper jam error.

2. There is a duplexer tray that sits just above the paper tray inside the printer. Pull out the paper tray and check that the tray is properly and fully seated in the up position. There is a sensor that is very sensitive to just the tiniest of misplacement.

3. Check the paper path fully to make sure there isn’t any paper stuck anywhere in the paper path.

4. It has also been known that a bad fuser can give a paper jam error instead of a fuser error. Wierd, but true.

5. Check the pickup roller to see if it can be turned easily, but don’t try too hard. If it seems to be held in one position, good. If it spins freely, then there is a problem with the pickup roller shaft in one way or another. Could be the roller shaft itself is damaged or the drive shaft is out of place or both. This would be best handled by a technician who knows this model.

Best of luck.

Michael asks…

hp laserjet 4350 dtn printer.?

The problem is I bought the item from auction. I can not plug it in due to the fact that the inlet is behind the duplex. Searched the internet on how to remove the duplexer but no one seems to know how. Can anyone help?

Administrator answers:

To remove the duplexer assy, you simply grab both sides with your hands, lift slightly and pull from the rear of the printer. It slides right out. The type of power plug you need is a right angled plug to allow the duplexer to be installed at the same time and not cause problems with the power plug.

Here are a couple of links to show the right angled power plug:,r:8,s:0

Thomas asks…

What printer should i get?…..?

It needs to be able to print on 11×17
It needs to be color
It needs to be an inkjet
It needs to have an auto duplexer
It needs to have good reviews and duplex 11×17 paper without problems
Price range: $200-$650

Administrator answers:


Mandy asks…

ok i have a question for ham operators?

Ok, IM a bit confused about a few duplex repeaters im looking at ( (we havent decided on whether we want a VHF.UHF. or 6 meter) but my question is what is a duplexer and is it needed for these specific repeater packages? i thought it would work just fine because it has all it needs in my mine such as a interface cable and micro controller, Please no silly or rude comments, THANKS

Administrator answers:

A duplexer lets you run a receiver and transmitter on the same antenna at the same time, which is what a repeater is. That site doesn’t say if the repeaters include duplexers, so you’ll have to contact them. You can hook the repeater to two antennas without a duplexer, but the antennas would have to be extremely well isolated from each other.
Tuning a duplexer isn’t a simple operation.

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