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Your Questions About Duplexer

August 12, 2013

Maria asks…

Passive devices?

In trying to calculate the 3dB intercept, noise figure, and 1dB compression point of a simple transmit network (duplexer, filter,attenuator, amplifier, duplexer), how do we assume these values for passive devices? I’m thinking that the noise factor is just the insertion loss of the device, and the 1dB comp. can be the power at which the device breaks down. Is this correct? Am I thinking of this wrong?
Sorry I meant 3rd order intercept

Administrator answers:

I’m not a real radio whiz by any means, but think of it like this – just because a device is passive, doesn’t mean it doesn’t have a transfer function, right? And, like active devices, that will be a function of amplitude and frequency, and perhaps other physical properties like temperature.

You can also never assume that any device is perfectly impedance matched, so there’s always the possibility of reflections. Isolation (like between channels of a circulator or diplexer) is never perfect (otherwise you wouldn’t see the specs in dB), meaning there’s always some leakage or cross-coupling.

What I have seen is two approaches – one, as you suggest, is to make some simplifying assumptions. Good assumptions = good model. The other approach is to try and measure the components – loss, VSWR, etc. And then plug those measured numbers back into the model.

Susan asks…

Two sided color laser printing…..?

Willl it hurt a color laser printer (without a duplexer) to print 100 pages, then refeed them into the paper tray (upside down) and print on the second side? I’m trying to do a brochure, but I’m wondering if the first side image would get “burned” or printed onto the drum or rollers????

I referred to the manual, but it talks nothing about double sided printing.

Administrator answers:

In most printers this should be OK, but it concerns me that your manual doesn’t mention anything about double sided printing. Color laser printers have special high end fusers that have special coatings on the fusing roller, and if they are able to do 2 sided printing, then the associated pressure roller will be made to handle it as well, but if it isn’t, then you could cause problems with the fuser pressure roller (nothing else in the printer would be affected) and possible paper jams then and thereafter.

It would be helpful to know the make and model of printer to possibly give more informed information.

Best of luck.

Joseph asks…

Directv multi-switch question!?

Im trying to connect two rooms, right now i have a dvr installed and there is 2 cables running from the dish to the reciever, is there any way i can get a multiswitch and connect it to a duplexer then send it to the other room? Note: i dont want a receiver on the other room i just want regular cable!

Administrator answers:

I think you need the whole house DVR. Http://

The multi-switch allows one satellite dish to provide signal to two separate receivers. DirecTV is NOT like cable you need a receiver for each TV you want to watch separately.

James asks…

printer: which is best for a home office?

I need a printer for printing out high resolution magazine proofs in quantities of around 70 pages in full colour. What is the best make, model and type to go for?

Administrator answers:

You can try HP L7680.
“The good: The HP Officejet Pro L7680 All-in-One multifunction printer has lots of great, office-oriented features such as Digital Filing; a built-in ADF, a duplexer, and media card slots; excellent print quality; fast-enough print speeds for small workgroups; low print costs. “
It is on sale now, a decent deal for it is only $350 instead of $400. You can have a look:

Sandra asks…

can laser printers print pages on a plain sheet of paper?

when i was visiting staples, i saw a stack of papers marked “laser”. i’m planning to buy a laser printer, so i ask: (look at question)

also, how do you open BIN files??
i have a program that is a BIN file, but i cant open it…
do u have any tips??

no stupid answers please

Administrator answers:

Most domestic laser printers shouldn’t have any issues printing to “plain” paper, however it’s possible that your printer model may, depending on how it runs. Laser printers that have a high duty cycle and can auto-duplex (print on both sides) are more likely to be sensitive to the paper type, because they tend on average to produce higher temperatures – which may make pages curl more as the high heat bakes the moisture content out of one side of the page, potentially causing issues when it attempts to run the page through the auto-duplexer. If you are using a laser printer without an auto-duplexer this shouldn’t be a problem at all.

Regarding BIN files, usually this is part of a CD image, and to use it you would burn it to disk or mount it to a virtual CD.

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