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Your Questions About Duplexer

August 23, 2013

Ruth asks…

My company is not environmentally friendly. How can I change this?

I’m appalled at the lack of recycling and conservation at the large corporation I work for. Virtually none of the printers have duplexers (allow for paper to be printed on both sides), and the ones that do are not marked – nor are employees encouraged to print on both sides.

There are no *obviously* designated bins for recycling paper. We do have small blue bins that proclaim “We Recycle” for that purpose, but people just throw their regular trash in there, so the cleaning people don’t separate them.

Worst of all, no one cares! Every day I see cans and bottles in people’s wastebins, even though there’s a large marked container in the kitchen for this purpose.

I wish there was an outside party that could come in and give my company a “grade” for its environmental efforts – because I think that’s the only way they’ll take notice! I think they’d score around a “D.” ;-)

I’m a lowly office worker, and barely get attention from my own boss, let alone the higher-ups in the corp.

Administrator answers:

My company is the same. Good thing is I’m in a position to try and influence change. We do use large shred bins (need to for security puposes). These bins clearly indicate the paper will be recycled. So I put nonsensitive paper, including junk mail, in the bin and have encouraged others to do the same. Things I cannot put in the shred bin (non-paper) I bring home and include with my weekly recycle pickup at home. My wife has started bringing items home also. We also started using refilled printer cartridges (from Cartridge World) instead of buying new (also saves money). These are small things, but starting small is working. As awareness has increased, buy-in and acceptance also increased. Lead by example. Coworkers have seen what I have been doing, asked me about it, and now several are doing the same.

Lizzie asks…

I have a hp printer 3in1 and I want to know how to print on both side of the paper?

what do i click to get 2 sided printing.

Administrator answers:

Sneasel and black angyl are both correct. To print on both sides of the page is simple, if your printer allows for duplexing, you need to go into the properties each time you print something and make sure you click the ‘print on both sides’ box. When you see the printer dialog box, you should also see an options or properties section which takes you to the more advanced section. Click on the tab that says ‘finishing’, this is where you would find the ‘print on both sides’ box. Click the box and make sure to say ‘ok’, then continue printing as normal.

If you do not have a duplexer, and you have to print both sides, you have to do it manually. Simply tell the system to print all of page one. Then turn the paper over and tell it to print all of page two. You have to have the paper a certain way and each style of machine is different, so the first time may not be printed right side up. Make your self a note once you figure it out, so that this is the only time you waste paper and ink.

Good luck
hope this helps

Mary asks…

What does the N and DN mean on HP printers?

If N means Network printer then what does DN mean?

Administrator answers:

N stands for Network. Meaning it has a jet direct card installed, so that you can hook it up to your wired Ethernet (10/100), the same way the network card in your PC does.

DN is the same as N, but also includes a duplexer, to print on the front and back of paper automatically.

Sandra asks…

A question about HP LaserJet 2100 series printers?

How can you tell if the printer has a duplexing unit on it (without having to connect a PC and testing it). We have multiple HP LaserJet printers, 2100series, and some have extra trays and/or some have duplexing units. How can you tell? What is physically different?

Administrator answers:

A duplexer basically takes the output and rotates it and feeds it back inside. So look for attachments that goes to paper-output paths and such.

In general, HP’s add “D” suffix to machines that are shipped with duplexers.

Richard asks…

Best cheap LASER printer for students?

tone cartridge should be big. I dont mind filling in the cartridge manually if its costly to buy. U may tell me cheap laser printer with less costly cartridges.

Administrator answers:

When you buy a laser printer, don’t choose it because it’s cheap. The first example isn’t bad, but if you print a lot, that little thing will die on you. Dont’ mean to bash his answer, but the toner for that is $70 and it lasts only 1,500 pages. I couldn’t find a generic one for it.

You ought to get an HP office printer – at least like this it’s rated at 40,000 pages per month – more than 100 pages a day – enough for your own use and perhaps sharing it with your friends too. It has Adobe Postscript level 2 – can print complex graphic at 18 pages a minute (9 in duplex mode)

Each toner lasts 5,000 pages at 5% coverage for about $20 or so. It works with Mac or PC in Postscript mode.


This is an overkill for a college student but a year ago I bought this for my own use (at work) (HP Laserjet 9050dn with finisher – the thing to the left) each toner is only $80 and it lasts 30,000 pages and up to 300,000 pages a month. It prints at 50 pages per minute at full speed (simple or duplex) and can print up to 12 x 18 inch paper. It prints so fast there is a fan inside to cool the paper down if it goes through the duplexer (internally). The finisher on the left staples pages together and it can also make booklets. When I left the company, I needed a mover to ship it to my apartment. I bought it refurbished for only $900 (the printer only, not including the extra tray on the bottom or the finisher, which I bought later.)

Sorry to have rambled on.

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