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Your Questions About Duplexer

July 3, 2012

Carol asks…

My question is about Ham Radio duplexer usage?

I know it can be used with older dual band radios with two antenna connections but can it be used when useing two separate vhf and uhf radios without causing damage as long as you do not transmit on both at the same time?

Administrator answers:

Are you talking about a DIplexer? A device used to couple A VHF radio and a UHF radio to a single dual band antenna?

If so, yes. I’ve actually simultaneously transmitted on both radios thru the same antenna before. True, they were short bursts, one being packet.. But I have used 2 radios at the same time with no ill effects.

Was this what you were looking for?

Paul asks…

What are different duplexer techniques in Transceivers?

Administrator answers:

Duplexers may be made with sections of co-axial line or with metal cylinders containing a section of line, the latter sometimes being called “high Q breaks”.

Helen asks…

How to install a duplexer?

I have a HP Laserjet 5100tn and it has a message that says “install duplexer“, how do I correct this so that I can resume printing?

Administrator answers:

Do you have a duplexer? The device allows for both sides of a page to be printed at the same time.
If you don’t have it, go to “Printing Preferences –> Finishing” and un-select the “Print On Both Sides” check-box.

Maria asks…

duplexer module not working. How can I get it fixed?

I added duplexer to my laser printer and have hardly used it. Is not under warrantly anymore

Administrator answers:

You probably just have to have the printer recognize that is installed. Check the printers configuration page and verify that it actually exists (at least as far as the printer is concerned) and shows up on the config page. If it isnt there then shut off the printer, remove the duplexer and reseat it. Once it shows up on the configuration page then it will be available for your use. You may have to turn on the feature with the printer driver software afterwards so that it will show up as an available option in various programs.
Good luck!

Betty asks…

Looking for a good color laser all-in-one printer with a duplexer, and preferably two paper trays.?

Does one exist?
And preferably wireless.

Administrator answers:

Here is one by Brother.


Xerox makes some too, but they are not wireless:

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