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Your Questions About Duplexer

December 10, 2012

Helen asks…

What is a Digital Duplexer Printer/Copier?

Was looking on eBay for a new printer / copier and came across one that prints and copies at extremely fast speeds. I just want to make sure I know what I am buying before I buy it.
Here is a link to the auction:

Administrator answers:

Might have been more use to either include a link to the ebay item or tell us the make and model of the device.

But it sounds like it’s a digital (as opposed to older analogue) photocopier with duplex (double sided printing option) and can be connected to a PC to use as a printer.

More info in question means you get better answers, so it’s a vague answer to a vague question


OK so it’s a machine using NON STANDARD technology (most machines today are laser based) that required specific consumables that not many stockists will hold, it’s used and sold “as seen” and if it goes wrong WILL be expensive to repair, as normal repai places dealing in laser machine probably have no idea how to fix it.

If they are happy for you to turn up and run a 100 page test run and it goes OK, then by all means go for it, if they are a bit “Oh I don’t know about that” then it has a known fault and you should walk away.

Oh yes, and it’s based on 1980s technology . . . .

Richard asks…

I am going to buy hp laserjet 1020…it has No built-in duplexer; not network-ready…what does it means?

Will i be able to print internet webpages…bcz i am buying this for this sole purpose only

Administrator answers:

Duplex means printing on both sides of the paper without manually flipping it.
Network ready means the ability to communicate(print) with a community or set of computers instead of the single computer it is attached to.

The simple answer is YES, you will still be able to print anything you like even internet pages with that particular printer. Cheap Q216A toner for the HP Laserjet 1020 printer can be bought here:

Lizzie asks…

difference between multiplexer and duplexer?

Administrator answers:

Duplexer = 2 channels
Multiplexer = several channels (actual number unspecified)

George asks…

custom fees for duplexer in france?

Administrator answers:

More info needed. What exactly is the question.

Joseph asks…

Can someone help me with buying a printer?

I am looking for a multifunction monochrome printer with built in duplexer with reasonably priced toner. Recommendations are greatly appreciated.
I’m in Canada.
If possible a laserjet model please.

Administrator answers:

Ok! I am sending the url where you find all the HP printers with price lists.

Follow the link given below:

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