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Your Questions About East St Louis Mo

December 13, 2012

Thomas asks…

need help finding Yuengling beer!!!?

I am from Florida, live in IL now, right outside St. Louis, MO. I know Yuengling is an East Coast beer, but someone somewhere up here has to sell it. Anybody know where the honey hole is??? Please help!!

Administrator answers:

E-mail the brewery and ask them if anyone distributes in your area.

Linda asks…

Where should I go to college to become a doctor?

I currently live about 30 minutes away from St. Louis, MO. I am going to enroll at East Central College (which is about 20 minutes away from my house. It is a community college) for this fall to get my associates, or just until I can get in GPA in a decent standing. The reason I am doing that is because my grades were not that good in high school and all colleges around STL rejected me (I applied to 7 colleges, all rejected me) I want to become a doctor. I don’t exactly know what field I want to get into yet. I just really love to help people, and becoming a doctor would let me do that. And I have always loved science. I know Washington University, University of Missouri – St. Louis, and Webster are all good. But I would really like to know what would be the best for med school. Please! Any help is needed. I would like to get answers from people who went to any of those universities or actually in the medical field of any sort. Thank You!

Administrator answers:

Well the first step if to declare a Pre-Med major at whatever school you are at. Becoming a doctor takes about 10 years or longer because you have to go through med school which is after you get your bachelors. So i wouldn’t worry about becoming a doctor just yet. You’ll need to go through a 4 year program first and then you’ll have to study for MCAT’s and apply to med school.

Michael asks…

Where is Glendia Manka?

She used to live in North East Georgia. Before that in Florida. Grew up in St. Louis, MO. Last known location was Rodondo Beach, CA in the 80s

Administrator answers:

Try and a search for her name. Or if you know when/where she graduated from. Good luck.

Richard asks…

Why do blacks in America have such a lower-threshold for taking another person’s life?

It’s a fact that poor urbanized blacks are MUCH more murderous than whites and other races when in the very same scenario. This is proven by homicide rates. Compare Council Bluffs, a poor white town outside Omaha to East St. Louis, a poor black town outside St. Louis. East St. Louis, even though half the population of Council Bluffs, has many many homicides while Council Bluffs has hardly any. Or Springfield, MO, a poor white city, to Little Rock, Ark, a poor black city, and you’ll see this fact illustrated in that scenario as well.

So, why is it so?

I’ve noticed that even well-to-do, put-together blacks seem to have a lower threshold for “losing it”. Maybe others notice this as well and is why so many people are unsure of blacks.

So why is it that blacks
Richard – what I said seems to be true as evidenced by homicide rates. If it is culture, culture is driven by nature, so why are blacks so easy to murder? I don’t get why they are so violent and take others lives in such numbers.
Jony- it may seem racist, but it is TRUE as evidenced by homicide rates. I want to know why. I’m sure everybody else wants to know why too. It’s puzzling.
Fresh Dominican – sure, others murder, but in MUCH smaller numbers, especially in regard to whites. Council Bluffs is a “white ghetto”, but it has hardly any murders. East. St. Louis, a similar city half its size, is a black ghetto and it has a murder rate off the charts. Same with Springfield. It’s northwest side is a white ghetto, and most of the rest of Springfield is poor white, but it has hardly any homicides. Little Rock, on the other hand, has a black ghetto and despite being a small city has murder off the charts. It’s not strictly a poverty/poor thing. My point and question is why do poor whites in the same impoverished, segregated situation not murder so crazily like blacks do in the same situation. As for poor Hispanics, quite frankly, I think a lot of them who do murder do so because they assimilate into or are otherwise influenced from black ghettos. If black ghettos didn’t already exist, I don’t think there would be as many ghetto/murderous Hispa
Fresh Domincan – I should add that it may be true that serial killers turn out to be white more often than not. But that’s explained. They are sick individuals, mentally ill. As for whites committing more murders, no. By proportion of the population, blacks do FAR more killing. It’s not even comparable. This is what I don’t understand – why blacks can be so murderous. I know for sure blacks kill FAR more by proportion of the population. I hadn’t thought to compare blacks with whites in raw numbers – but it wouldn’t surprise me if blacks committ more murders in raw numbers than whites, even though whites are the majority and blacks are only 12% of the US population.
Here are some telling HARD FACTS straight from the FBI. Blacks committ 52% of murders in the United States, even though they are only 12% of the population. Whites committ 45%, even though they are the MAJORITY (72% of the population)! See? Blacks are more murderous. But WHY?


Administrator answers:

Oops Caite. You were politically incorrect, so intelligent, objective SPECULATION is FORBIDDEN.
These types of topics are only for a small group of your most trusted friends, behind locked doors with an alibi (like playing cards, or discussing an “acceptable” book) – You know, like in the darkest days of Czarist, and then Communist Russia, or European Underground Networks during WW2.

I have wondered the same thing. I live in a city with a HIGH murder rate, the vast majority is black male on black male crime. The African American Groups in the US have been struggling with this issue for so many years now, trying to figure it out and solve it. Many, many programs are in place – fantastic programs – yet the problem is increasing.
In my city, it is COMMON for black men to shoot into crowds, shoot into homes in an attempt to kill one ore two specific people. The issue is usually drug involved, turned personal. LAST WEEK , mid-day, 3 black men shot up a 10 year old’s birthday party! They were after 2 of the birthday boy’s older cousin. Amazingly, only 6 people were wounded, but a 5 year old girl cousin was murdered. Also, a 32 year old woman, mom of 3,happened to be driving by and was murdered by a stray bullit. This type of scenario is always shocking, but never surprising where I live. Watching the grief of the families on TV is excrutiating. These are good people and they cannot understand it, they are eager to fight it (but how?), they are under seige by their own neighbors & relatives…..Sons, cousins, brothers put their families in jeopardy. It is not at all uncommon.
This is not a matter of murdering someone because you WANT to. It’s so much worse. It is a disreguard for any other life you take in the process. It seems to just not matter. I can offer only one small idea of what contributes to this malice. The world feeds the black male a battery of excuses as to why he has no chance to “make it” in life, and because of this (AND other factors) he develops a sense of deep anger and a major sense of entitlement (ie, he can rationalize and forgive himself anything.) African American women have been professional powerhouses for decades, and have seriously earned the country’s admiration. The men have lagged behind. So this issue is so complex, unfathomable, and I’m afraid, far away from being understood and solved.

Susan asks…

Help with road trip from Souther California to Chicago?

We will be leaving March 24th and arriving no later than March 30th. I’ll be driving a 16′ moving truck, towing a car, and my girlfriend will be driving her car behind me.

Can anyone offer and advice on favorite or least favorite routes? Also, certain places to stop and see on the way that aren’t so obvious or not well known would be nice to know about too.

It looks like we’re taking I-40 to I-44 to I-55. We’ll be stoping at the Grand Canyon, Amarillo TX, Springfield MO, St Louis MO, then our destination. Anyone know of better places to stop or reasons why these are not good places to stop?

I’ve never best east of Las Vegas so any and all help will be greatly appreciated.


Administrator answers:

You get correct route to go, visit some original route 66 and petrified forrest national park.

You needn’t go vegas.

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