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June 29, 2013

Paul asks…

What Does The Houses Mean And How Do You Know U Have A Certain Planet In A House?

September 7, 1989
St. Louis, Mo

Here’s My Chart

Rising Scorpio
Sun Virgo
Moon Sagittarius
Mercury Libra
Venus Libra
Mars Virgo
Jupiter Cancer
Saturn Capricorn
Uranus Capricorn
Neptune Capricorn
Pluto Scorpio
N. Node Aquarius
Thanks Alot Its Still Very New But Once I Understand It I Will Get Everything U Said I Got Some Of It But Im Still Confused Abt The Degrees And Cusps What Are Cusps And What Houses Are The Strongest And Weakest And What Does Each House Stand For? And When These Signs Are In These Houses What Does It Determine And When Does These Other Signs Come Into Play.

Administrator answers:

That’s not your chart. That’s a list. And an incomplete list.

However .. Houses:
Houses are areas of the sky. The ring of planets and signs around the earth is broken into 6 houses … 6 above the horizon, and 6 below the horizon. These houses are not “things” they are places .. Places relative to where we are standing on earth.
For instance, the first section of sky above the eastern horizon .. That is the 12th house. And the section of sky below the eastern horizon .. That is the 1st house. The section to the east of the Sun’s position at noon (the Midheaven) is the 10th house … Etc.

Where are your houses? They are always where they are.
In astrology, what counts is WHERE the ring of the signs was when you were born.
This ring (the “ecliptic”) is always moving .. One after another, every 24 hours, each sign rises in the east, moves across the sky, and goes down to set in the west. Roughly every 2 hours a new sign is rising, followed 2 hours later by the sign after that sign.

So when we someone has 12 Cancer on the cusp of your 1st house, we are saying that the ring of signs was at the point where 12/30ths of Cancer was above the eastern horizon .. At the time and place they were born at.
For you, some part of Scorpio was rising.
This means that you have Scorpio “on your 1st house”.

For interpretation, each house represents a different area of life.
Planets are parts of your personality, particular inner needs
The sign a planet is in shows the style for that part of your personality, for that need.
The house a planet is in shows where, in what part of life, you turn to try to meet that need.
Even if you have no planets in a house, you still have a sign on the cusp (starting place) of that house, and you will handle that area of life as per the qualities of the sign on that house’s cusp.

How do you know what planets are in what house? You look at your circle chart. Your circle chart is a map of the sky at the time and place of your birth. A lot of these free internet sites don’t clearly mark out where the houses start and end. I consider this a major flaw with these free programs. Because you gave complete birth data, I will do your chart up on Win*Star on my own computer:

1st house cusp = 24:09 Scorpio (24 degrees, 9 minutes … There are 60 minutes in a degree)
Since the 2nd house cusp is 24:36 Sagittarius, everything BETWEEN 24:09 Scorpio and 24:35 Sag will be IN your 1st house.
In your 1st house = Moon. Your Moon is at 7:20 Sagittarius, so that is after 24:09 Scorpio, but before 24:36 Sag .. It is in between the place of the 1st house cusp and the 2nd house cusp … Therefore Moon falls into your 1st house.
Cusp of the 1st house is called the Ascendant, the second-strongest point in your chart

2nd house cusp = 24:36 Sagittarius
IN = Uranus, Saturn, Neptune

3rd house cusp = 29:42 Capricorn
Note that ALL of Aquarius is also contained within the 3rd house, since the cusp of the next house, the 4th house, is 5:46 Pisces. We therefore call Aquarius an “intercepted sign” which means it is difficult to express the qualities of Aquarius.
When there are intercepted signs (there will always be two), there will also be two signs that are each on two house cusps. Interceptions are caused by the angle at which you are looking at the ecliptic, depending on the time of year and the time of day and the latitude of the birth place.

4th house cusp = 5:46 Pisces
4th house cusp = The Nadir or the I.C. Or the Imum Coeli

5th house cusp = 7:23 Aries

6th house cusp = 2:58 Taurus

7th house cusp = 24:09 Taurus
7th house cusp = the Descendant

8th house cusp = 24:36 Gemini
IN = Jupiter, Chiron

9th house cusp = 29:42 Cancer
with all of Leo intercepted in the 9th house

10th house cusp = 5:46 Virgo
10th house cusp = the Midheaven, the M.C., or the Medium Coeli .. The strongest point in the chart
IN = Sun, Mars

11th house cusp = 7:23 Libra
IN = Mercury, Venus

12th house cusp = 2:58 Scorpio
IN = Pluto

Linda asks…

I am planning a five day/ four night driving trip from Atlanta to Denver. Can you plan it for me?

Our first night will be in Evansville, IN. After that we will head due west to Denver. We love to stop at waterparks and anything else fun along the way. Let me know what you think our best route would be, along with anything fun along the way.

Administrator answers:

Evansville to Denver is just over 1000 miles.
Straightest path is I-64 to St Louis and then I-70 from St Louis to Denver.

The Illinois stretch of I-64 is boring, about 3 hrs to St Louis. Leave early and get into St Louis mid-morning.

St Louis is a nice town. The big must is the Arch. They also have excellent art and history museums, and a great zoo — all free and all close in Forest Park.
Oh, and Ted Drewes, great custard.


West on I-70 is Kansas City. But before that is Independence, home of Harry S Truman.
The museum is quite interesting, and there are several Truman sites (his home, church where he and Bess got married, the courthouse) just south in downtown.


Kansas City – Home of Arthur Bryants, BBQ King.


And some other things:

Worlds of Fun (huge water park)

Kansas actually does have some interesting things to see


Which is the final resting place of Eisenhower

And at Goodland KS, you can head south to Kansas’ highest point, Mount Sunflower:

On US Route 40, visit the lovely town of
Cheyenne Wells CO

Head east on US 40 and CO 94 to Colorado Springs

William asks…

Is there a list of schools for dental hygienists somewhere or does anyone know of schools in kansas city mo?

Administrator answers:

St. Louis

St. Louis Community College at Forest Park

Dental Hygiene Department

5600 Oakland Ave.

St. Louis, MO 63110-1393


St. Louis Community College at Forest Park Dental Hygiene Program

Kansas City

University of Missouri-Kansas City

School of Dentistry

Division of Dental Hygiene

650 East 25th St.

Kansas City, MO 64108-2795


UMKC School of Dentistry


Missouri Southern State University

Dental Hygiene Program

3950 E. Newman Rd.

Joplin, MO 64801-1595


Missouri Southern State University Dental Hygiene Program


Ozarks Technical Community College

P.O. Box 5958

Springfield, MO 65801


Ozark Technical Community College


State Fair Community College

3201 W. 16th St

Sedalia, Missouri 65301-2199

(660) 530-5800 ext. 234

Toll-free: (877) 311-7322

State Fair Community College – Dental Hygiene

Betty asks…

What are the best places for vacation during Xmas’s/New Years’ time in the U.S If I live in Ohio?

I live in Columbus, Ohio. I have been NY, Chicago,Phili, Pittsburgh, DC for past 2 years. Now, I have 7 days leave (Dec 25-Dec 31). What’s the best websites to find a cheap vacation deal (last min deal is okay). I prefer go to Florida or Rocky mountains. If by car, what places you will recommend me?

Administrator answers:

Vail, CO
Aspen, CO
Lake Tahoe, CA
Las Vegas, NV (las vegas, grand canyon, hoover dam all near each other)
Toronto, Canada (Hockey Hall of Fame)
South Beach, FL
Daytona, FL
Florida Keys

Lexington, KY
Philadelphia, PA
Burlington, VT
Boston, MA
Cooperstown, NY (Baseball Hall of Fame)
East Hampton, NY (eastern tip of Long Island… Gatsby Country)

South Bend, IN (Notre Dame)
St. Louis, MO

Susan asks…

What are the TOP 10 Colleges for Elementary Education or Education Majors?

Administrator answers:

According to U.S. News, the best schools in educational across the nation are:

Best Education Schools: A-Z Directory Index

* Alabama State University (AL)
* Alliant International University–San Diego (CA)
* American International College (MA)
* American University (DC)
* Ball State University (IN)
* Barry University (Dominican) (FL)1
* Baylor University (TX)
* Bethel University (MN)
* Boise State University (ID)1
* CUNY–Graduate Center (NY)
* California Polytechnic State University–San Luis Obispo (CA)
* California State University–Fullerton (CA)1
* California State University–Long Beach (CA)
* California State University–Los Angeles (CA)
* DePaul University (IL)
* Delta State University (MS)
* Drake University (IA)
* Drexel University (PA)
* Duquesne University (PA)
* East Carolina University (NC)
* East Stroudsburg University of Pennsylvania (PA)
* East Tennessee State University (Clemmer) (TN)
* Eastern Michigan University (MI)
* Edgewood College (WI)1
* Fielding Graduate University (CA)
* Florida A&M University (FL)1
* Florida Atlantic University (FL)
* Florida Institute of Technology–Melbourne (FL)
* Florida International University (FL)
* Florida State University (FL)
* Gallaudet University (DC)1
* Gardner-Webb University (NC)
* George Mason University (VA)
* George Washington University (DC)
* Georgia State University (GA)
* Hamline University (MN)
* Harvard University (MA)
* Hofstra University (NY)
* Howard University (DC)
* Johns Hopkins University (MD)
* Kansas State University (KS)
* Kent State University (OH)
* Lamar University (TX)
* Lehigh University (PA)
* Lynn University (FL)1
* Marquette University (WI)
* Marshall University (WV)
* Miami University–Oxford (OH)
* Michigan State University (MI)
* National-Louis University (IL)
* New Mexico State University (NM)
* New York University (Steinhardt) (NY)
* North Carolina State University–Raleigh (NC)
* North Dakota State University (ND)
* Oakland University (MI)
* Ohio State University (OH)
* Ohio University (OH)
* Oklahoma State University (OK)1
* Old Dominion University (Darden) (VA)
* Pennsylvania State University–Harrisburg (PA)
* Pennsylvania State University–University Park (PA)
* Pepperdine University (CA)
* Portland State University (OR)
* Regent University (VA)
* Robert Morris University (PA)
* Roosevelt University (IL)
* Rowan University (NJ)
* SUNY–Binghamton (NY)
* Sam Houston State University (TX)
* Samford University (Beeson) (AL)
* San Diego State University (CA)
* Tarleton State University (TX)1
* Teachers College, Columbia University (NY)
* Temple University (PA)
* Tennessee State University (TN)
* Tennessee Technological University (TN)
* Union University (TN)
* University at Albany–SUNY (NY)
* University at Buffalo–SUNY (NY)
* University of Akron (OH)
* University of Alabama (AL)
* Vanderbilt University (Peabody) (TN)
* Virginia Commonwealth University (VA)
* Virginia State University (VA)1
* Virginia Tech (VA)
* Washington State University (WA)
* Washington University in St. Louis (MO)
* Wayne State University (MI)
* West Virginia University (WV)
* Western Carolina University (NC)
* Yeshiva University (Azrieli) (NY)1
* Youngstown State University (OH)1
This is a list of the of the state universities and colleges with the five Best Schools of Education

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