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April 5, 2013

Carol asks…

Trying to find an efficiency apartment that pays for electric and water?

Here’s the thing.. I’m trying to find a 1 bedroom studio apartment that goes for about 600 a month, but also offers free water and electric, nothing more. I’m in Tampa, FL but anywhere else in FL would do!

Administrator answers:

Anything is possible. If you haven’t found the place yet that just means you haven’t been looking hard or long enough-that’s always been my motto since I was always a cheap/picky renter back when I rented. Florida is a big state so you will be looking forever combing ads but since you’re not picky about where in the state you’ll be, your options will be almost without limit. Just realize for what you’re looking for will probably not be in a prime area….think more like far off in a less-that-desirable area.

William asks…

What do I do with my ever-growing Koi?

I love my Koi.
They are my pets and have brought happiness, laughter, peace, and good fortune to my home for over 3 years.
They very healthy and very beautiful.

My problem is, that they continue to grow and grow!
When I bought them, they were 1 inch long each.
Now they are about 9-10 inches and still growing.

I have already bought bigger and better fish tanks, starting with a 10 gallon, then a 20, and now a 55 gallon tank.
I don’t have room for a larger tank in my little efficiency apartment and they will soon outgrow the 55 gallon aquarium.

Killing my Koi is out of the question. They are too important to me. I want them to continue to be healthy and happy fish.
I won’t dump them into some public lake or pond. It is irresponsible and would cause trauma to the fish.

Any suggestions?



Administrator answers:

If you have the cash/credit and space, a koi pond would be nice. You can check with the store you bought the koi at, and see what they recommend, or go to a fish store, and see if they would like to purchase them. Asian temples may have koi ponds, and they would take care of them.

Jenny asks…

Need help with where to begin?

I want to escape to somewhere for about 1-3 months starting in Aprilish. I am looking for a furnished 1 bedroom or efficiency apartment (has to be furnished completely) but don’t know where to begin! Any suggestions?

Administrator answers:

Craigslist. You can find anything on that site.

Betty asks…

For my situation, which is better for the environment?

I live in a small efficiency apartment. It has no dishwasher and just a small kitchenette with a sink. It’s just me and my dogs…is it better for me to use paper cups and paper plates and plastic silverware or to use real plates, cups, etc and wash them by hand every time?

Administrator answers:

I think that using real plates, silver wares, and cups are better for the environment. If you use the paper cu[s and paper plates every single day, it is just a waste of paper. If you just use the same dishes and cups, it will just be like a regular dining and it will be better for the environment.

John asks…

where is the most reasonable place to live in NYC? Brooklyn, Harlem, Queens, or The Bronx?

i am trying to move to NYC but i cant decide between Brooklyn, Queens, The Bronx, or Harlem. i am just looking for an inexpensive efficiency apartment for myself. does anyone have any suggestions?

Administrator answers:

The Bronx has the cheaper rent. It has not caught on with the singles and still remains a family area.
Silly since the Pelham Bay Line and Express buses get you into Manhattan in no time at all.
Try searching Westchester Square, Pelham Bay, Parkchester
You will need to use a realtor.

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