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Your Questions About Efficiency Apartment

May 1, 2013

Helen asks…

How much can I pay you to clean my house?

It’s a small efficiency apartment, but it’s so messy & I have a lot of school work to do.

Administrator answers:

I’ll do it for a home cooked dinner. :)

Carol asks…

Is living in an efficiency apartment a miserable experience?

Im 18 and im leaving home for the 1st time. will living in an efficiency apartment be completely horrible or is it comfortable?

Administrator answers:

Not at all especially when u find friends there… Or something u’ll get to enjoy… Or else, u’ll not be happy. ;)

Sandy asks…

What is an apartment called that is one large room with a bedroom, kitchen, and bathrom all in one open room?

I see these type of “apartments” on a lot of TV shows, it is basically one large room with everything in it, a small kitchen, a bed, a living room, and bathroom. I would love to look into getting one of my own, Loft keeps popping into my mind but lofts are not what I’m looking for and expensive. I appreciate any help.

Administrator answers:

It’s called an “Efficiency Apartment” or sometimes a “Studio Apartment”.
It it has an open bedroom upstairs, kind of like a balcony inside the apartment, it’s called a “Loft”.

Donna asks…

Why is my apartment hotter at night than during the day?

Shouldn’t it be the other way around with the sun beaming? I know this isn’t a wise idea, but I keep the A/C running on 70. The landlord said we have to keep our house cool in order to prevent the walls sweating & prevent mold. @ night time, I have to run the A/C on 70 + run the ceiling fan full blast. I live in a tiny little efficiency apartment.
No, I live on the 1st floor. & the windows are closed. I don’t have shades.

Administrator answers:

Try this-keep the shades closed during the day. The house will not heat up as much if at all and it should be cooler at night. Right now you are heating up the house during the day and the heat is trapped and can’t get out. Good luck!

Lizzie asks…

Besides Craigslist, where can I get a good list of rental props to check out?

I have 2 dogs and am currently living in an efficiency apartment. There’s just not enough room anymore and I had a person that was going to move with me and be my room mate but he backed out. So now I still need to move. Would like to move in the central AR area (Conway, Mayflower, Greenbrier, Vilonia, Wooster, etc.)

Administrator answers:

In Saturdays paper there’s a Home Finder. Lists apartments, condos, homes…etc.

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