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May 7, 2013

John asks…

How do you deal with a situation where both you & your roommate snore loud, but 1 can’t tolerate the other’s?

Well, I live in a single efficiency apartment, & my brother stayed with me for a few days last week. I know I snore, too. But him, OMG! I have sensitive ears (hyperacusis), & I nearly cried every night & couldn’t get any sleep. Music or earplugs didn’t help. I know I need to lose this weight, but I’m not sure if it would stop me from snoring since I had nasal surgery twice as a child.

Administrator answers:

My gal is a VERY light sleeper, and I have a perforated septum and snore like a buzzsaw. I wear Breathe Right strips–and so should both of you.

Thomas asks…

Can anyone answer my relocation question?

What’s the difference between a studio apartment and an efficiency apartment, and which one is smaller and/or less expensive?

Administrator answers:

There are differences between the two, but whether an apartment is called an efficiency or a studio depends on the region and the market. In some areas, the terms are interchangeable. The main distinguishing feature of both efficiency and studio apartments is the lack of a separate bedroom. The resident commonly sleeps on a futon or a fold-out couch in the living room (studio). Efficiencies can actually be smaller than studios. Bottom line, see the place before you rent it.

Chris asks…

Since liberals know an awful lot about trailer neighborhoods, do most liberals live in trailer houses?

When the subject of class comes up, liberals invariably start talking about trailer parks

In college I read, in a psychology text book, that a person tends to relate to other people through the eyes of their own lifes experience.
Or maybe they are jealous of trailer dwellers, because they are living in a 400 sq ft efficiency and can’t afford one of those nice trailer homes…

Well, I am a conservative Republican and I have never lived in a trailer (not that there is anything wrong with living in a trailer) or even near a trailer park, so I guess the liberals who have lived in those neighborhoods would know more about trailer dwellers than I would know. Somehow, I doubt the people living in the trailers were conservatives.

Most of the conservatives that I know are business owners, commercial property owners, multifamily property owners, large farmland owners and large ranch land owners. They are people with jobs and and small or large businesses and people who own something that they have worked very hard for.
They live in the City, in the suburbs and in rural America.

I actually don’t know any unemployed, poor class, efficiency apartment dweller or trailer house dweller who is a conservative Republican…

Administrator answers:

“I actually dont know any unemployed, poor class, efficiency apartment dweller or trailer house dweller who is a conservative Republican.”

YES! Exactly! There are almost no truly poor Republicans! That’s why they are so ignorant/hostile to the impoverished. They dont know what it’s like, so they can’t possibly realize how their policies are destorying the lower class!

This is why they hate welfare and helping people who need it, and support grabbing money for themsleves! That’s the only way they’ve ever known!

Mark asks…

What’s the difference between a single and a one bedroom apartment?

I thought singles are basically one bedroom apartments, but then I found an apartment complex that lists $775 for a single and $950 for a one-bedroom. What’s the difference between the two? Or are singles basically studios?

Administrator answers:

A single is all in one, same as a studio. The terminology is different in different places. A one-bedroom has a separate living room and bedroom. Some people may call a single an efficiency which means a kitchenette, not a full kitchen. Some studios or singles can be larger in sq. Footage than 1-bdrms.

William asks…

How much does it cost to heat 2br apartment in winter?

The winters where I live are pretty cold because I live in the midwest. I have a 2br apartment with gas heat and its 1000 square feet. I keep it at about 65 degrees. Does anyone have any idea how much it should cost?

Administrator answers:

With a high efficiency gas furnace and good insulation, about $100 a month.

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