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June 15, 2013

Susan asks…

How to move to an apartment in a distant state?

Ok, I want to move to a state that is really far away. Because of the distance, I cant really go there and look around to find an apartment. Plus I dont know anyone at all there who I could stay with until I find one. I would like it if I could get answers from people who have done this before or already have an idea of how they themselves would do it.

Administrator answers:

Why not stay at an efficiency motel/hotel when you first get there so you aren’t rushed to just take something from pictures you see on the net?

Do you have a job where you are heading? If not, it might be hard if not impossible to secure an apt unless you are paying 6 mos up front.

Do some research and get an idea of what apartments you want to go look at. Get out there, stay at a small place like I suggested, then look at the apts. Put your stuff in storage for a couple weeks/month if you have to.

One thing you don’t want to do is rush into a lease and then find out the place is crime ridden, dangerous or not to your liking.

Richard asks…

What is the average cost of gas heating an apartment in boston?

My daughter had a one-floor apt in a house (3 floors) in boston this past year. The cost of gas with balanced billing was around $250 per mo for all twelve months. This seems very high to me. How much should it cost? I realize it depends on the efficiency of the furnace, etc, Just want to get an idea of a typical range.

Administrator answers:

I live in a one-floor (two bedroom) apartment in a three floor house in an older house in the Boston area. My gas bill during the winter months was around $220, but besides those months, it’s around $30. So I think your daughter is paying too much. My apartment does have new windows, though, so that might help keep the cost down. Also, we turned the heat off when we left for work.

Carol asks…

What is the best measurement for AC efficiency?

My apt unit provides ACs for the tenants. They took my original AC out because it wasn’t working properly and replaced it with one that doesn’t work as efficiently.

When I noted this the maintenance guy said that since the AC is pumping out cold air it is working. However, the unit isn’t cooling the apartment nearly as well and I don’t hear a second motor running that I heard in the first. Now all I have is the fan.

It is 14,000 BTUs, my apartment is 750 sq feet, an the unit is 4ft 6 x 1 ft x 3.5 ft (it’s huge). Which is another argument I have as to why it should be able to cool my apartment.

Currently, set at the coldest temp it is only getting to around 74 degrees and then the unit turns off. With my old unit, I never ran it at the coldest temperature.

Do I really have unrealistic expectations?

Administrator answers:

Yes, you have unrealistic expectations. If you aren’t directly paying for the electricity and you didn’t pay for the unit, then you really don’t have any reason to give them your input — you’re getting cooled off and it doesn’t cost you any more or less than the previous A/C.

You have to get used to a different set of controls, but that’s hardly a reason for the management to keep replacing A/C units.

If it really isn’t operating correctly, it will die soon and you’ll get another one then anyway.

Joseph asks…

how much would utilities cost per month for a one bedroom apartment in longmont CO?

I am trying to get money together to move into my first apartment but i am don’t really know how much money I am going to need for utilities. Any help at all would be awesome.

Administrator answers:

Call the utility providers for Longmont and ask them. All you need is the address. Getting that info for electricity and natural gas is very easy. If the space is heated by oil, find out how many gallon oil tank it is, how many heating zones there are, the efficiency rating for the furnace, find out if the space is insulated, get the square footage of the apartment, determine what temp you like to keep the apartment heated at, and call an oil provider for an estimate of probable gallons needed for the heating season. Then find a discount oil provider, think “wholesaler” without the service contract, for the best price.

Lizzie asks…

What is a decent price range of a one room or two room apartment in NY?

After i graduate I want to move to new york and I am hoping to get an apartment or share one with a roommate but i don’t know a decent and affordable price range for apartments around NYC or any part of new york that is a nice area.

Administrator answers:

A modest efficiency in Manhattan will run $1700 or more plus utilities. Since it is one room with kitchenette and bath, it’s limited to one person. Sharing an apartment with another person can easily run $1500 or more, plus share utilities.

There’s no such thing as “affordable” in NYC.

Also remember you are subject to the highest taxes in the US, probably about the highest in the world. Federal, state & city income taxes, Social Security & Medicare (of course!), 8.75% sales tax, and high taxes on utilities and everything else imaginable. Your take-home pay will be less than half, maybe 1/3, of your gross after all the taxes are taken out.

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