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Your Questions About Efficiency Apartment

July 3, 2013

Linda asks…

About how much is an efficiency apartment at University House in Huntsville, Tx?

Im looking for a cheap one bedroom place and any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

Administrator answers:

Google “for Rent” in areas u interested in.
Prices go from 300 -900

Daniel asks…

how much heat loss will occur if no insulation was installed in a rehabbed apartment?

we are spending a lot of money tiring to heat our apartment, can it be due to lack of insulation?

Administrator answers:

Your home’s energy bills are determined by two factors:

1. The severity of temperature extremes (hot or cold) in summer and winter for the area in which you live.

2. How well your home keeps the temperature you want IN and keeps the temperature extremes outside your home OUT.

Energy efficiency starts with insulating your attic, the area just under your roof.

Radiant barrier foil reflects 97% of radiant heat (either keeping it in during the winter or keeping it out during the summer). It is the least-expensive energy improvement you can make in your home or apartment.

Lizzie asks…

What is the cheapest way to run an air conditioner?

I live in a small apartment with a big swamp cooler like air conditioner and am curious as to what is the most efficient way to run it as it is 100+ degrees outside and I’m broke :)

So… Turbo cool for 20 min every so often? Or low cool for an evening?

Thank you!

Administrator answers:

Pick it up and carry it…yuk, yuk

-but actually this is an interesting question and I’d like to know too. I think in order to boost efficiency you need to insulate and avoid air leaks much as you do in winter to keep heat in. I’m guessing that running it on low cool might be your best be,t because it would take more energy to lower the apt. Temp 10 degrees than to maintain the temp where you want it; but I”m not an engineer.

Paul asks…

How do I keep aluminum window frames from sweating making my rooms cold?

I live in an old apartment. The windows were just replaced with airtight vinyl sliders, but the old frames are aluminium and when the weather’s cold they sweat and get mouldy and it is freezing to even get near them. There is no air leaking around the windows; it’s just the aluminum conducting the cold right into the room. Any inexpensive ideas of how to fix this and lower energy costs?

Administrator answers:

I replace windows with vinyl replacements for a living and I can’t imagine why the old frame was left. The old frame should have been removed for maximum efficiency. Staple plastic across the window casings.

Chris asks…

Where can i find a hotel efficiency in san diego?

im looking to transfer my job to san diego,ca . But im going to have to stay in a hotel efficiency with a kitchenette | fully furnished hotel (something like intown suites, or homewood) for about a month in the lowest range of $149-$179 a week or highest $189 a week .

Administrator answers:

They’re called extended stay hotels
You won’t find anything in San Diego at that rate. Expect to pay at least $60 a night plus occupancy tax.

There are dozens of moderately priced hotels in Hotel Circle, some are extended stay. Thay are all close to Sea World, Mission Beach, Old Town, downtown, Balboa Park and the Zoo.


There is also a corporate housing furnished apartment complex in Pacfic Beach for short term stays.

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