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June 26, 2012

William asks…

Do you have to make only a certain amount of money to qualify for an efficiency apartment?

I’m looking at an efficiency apartment in Texas, its $409 a month & I make about $1000 a month.

Administrator answers:

Most places require that your monthly earnings are at least 3 times the rent

Lizzie asks…

What would you recommend: A one bedroom or an efficiency apartment?

As a college student preparing to move from campus housing to an apartment. I am considering both one bedrooms and efficiencies; both come with full kitchens and bathrooms.

I really have no preferences to either, except that I do not want a lot of wasted space. I am content with just a little bit of space to live

Please share your experiences from either/both types of units if you have any.

Administrator answers:

I lived in an efficiency for close to 3 years. It was terrible. I liked it for the first 3 months but then I just felt cramped. I never had private space when family came. While I had enough room when I moved in (I had virtually nothing) but as I brought more stuff into my life (bought more textbooks) and started to have nowhere to put stuff.

I stayed in the studio for three years because I didn’t feel that I had enough money to upgrade to a one bedroom. But if I had started in a one bedroom I would have been OK.

If you have the money for a one bedroom I would suggest that you take it. You been happier in the long run and you can have more people over at once. If you decide to go the efficiency route be sure you commit yourself to the idea that you not re-sign the lease (and save the price difference to help you move the next year).

Ruth asks…

where can i find an efficiency apartment in NYC for no more than $700 a month?

i am looking for an efficiency apartment in either Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, or Harlem. can anyone help me? also i was told that i HAVE to have a Realtor to rent an efficiency in NYC, is this true?

Administrator answers:

You will not find anything that cheap unless you qualify to live in the projects.

Donna asks…

In San Juan, PR, what’s the best I can do on an efficiency apartment?

I would like to know if anyone can estimate the minimum monthly rental in San Juan, Puerto Rico for a clean furnished efficiency apartment (living room,1 bedroom, kitchenette, bath) in a safe neighborhood. Do landlords usually require a lease? Do they run a credit check? I would be staying indefinitely, 6 months, a year, or more.

Administrator answers:

Puerto Rico is expensive.
A good study in the Metropolitan area of San Juan can cost between $600 to $800 a month. Nevertheless this varies depending of the area. Condado and Isla Verde are very expensive.
A one year contract with a month in advance is normal. One important thing is verify that the apartment has a parking space. Driving is a necessity in Puerto Rico.

Chris asks…

How can I make my efficiency apartment look bigger? Any ideas?

I just moved into this one room apartment. I am doing this while my landlords remodels my 2brdm. I hate it size. Is there a way to make it look bigger even though it is not?

Administrator answers:

Light colors, non-bulky furniture & large mirrors (particularly the mirrors.)

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