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Your Questions About Efficiency Apartment

August 10, 2013

Michael asks…

What is proper etiquette for a list of references?

I’m faxing them in along with paycheck stubs to apply for an apartment. Should I just list their names and phone numbers or what?

Administrator answers:

The right thing to do would be to tell them that you’re applying for an apartment and ask if you could use them as references. Better still if you could tell them which category of references – just general character references or work efficiency or others. Also, if they have more than one address or phone no. Ask which ones they rather you use.

Mark asks…

How much does your gas and electric bill cost you?

im moving into a 2 bedroom apartment and was wondering how much electricity and gas would come for every estimate much do u pay?

Administrator answers:

Mine was $150.00 this last month for electric and gas combined.

But my house is 2200 square feet and I live in New Mexico.

If you live in the Arctic circle, your bill may be a wee bit higher…

It will depend a lot on the size of the apartment, if you have heated apartment on each side and above – or not -, where you live – cold climate or hot climate – how well the apartment is built, the amount of insulation, the type and quality of the windows, how well the apartment is weather stripped, the age of the heating/cooling system and it’s efficiency how hot you keep it in the winter and how cool you keep it in the summer, do you burn every light in the house all the time, appliance age and condition, and much, much more.

Ask the apartment manager if he/she has any old utility bills to show you.

Daniel asks…

Can I install a window a/c inside a room?

I live in a rented apartment and the landlord doesn’t allow window acs. Can I install a window ac inside a room and create a plywood shell to cover the back and sides of the ac to vent the air out. Will this work? Anyone have better ideas? Have looked at portable a/cs but have read that they are not as effective and are expensive.
What I am trying to do is to make a plywood shell and take the open end to the egde of the window and seal it wil duct tape. This way the hot air goes outside instead of coming back in?

Administrator answers:

Yes, but it would be too ugly and too complicated to work properly and your landlord would know because he will be able to see your contraption from the outside.

Your best bet is to check with your tenant’s association to install a window unit properly.

Next best is to use the portable A/C’s; they are designed for this purpose. They are more expensive and only slightly less effective.

If you are to build a contraption, look at your A/C carefully. Window A/C’s are designed with a division between inside and outside. The outside needs to draw fresh air through top and/or side vents and expel it through the back. These two air streams must be kept separate otherwise your efficiency will drop dramatically. And A/C’s generate a considerable amount of condensation that usually drips harmlessly outside. Some of the newer models even use this condensation to increase efficiency and spew a fine spray with the hot air out the back. You will have to collect and dispose of this condensation without making a mess or damaging the floor and walls. I really don’t recommend this.

Joseph asks…

Can you report an apartment complex you lived at to the health department?

A year ago, I was down on my luck and moved into an efficiency. It used to be a motel, and they converted them to studio apartments. They are 20 + years old, and ran down. The rooms are filled with cockroaches and most of the residents are crackheads.
The rooms are just filthy in general, and and the staff refused to do anything about the pests when I lived there.

Administrator answers:

You can ring fair trading and report it!

Nancy asks…

How can I get motivated to clean my house?

I just feel worn out all the time. I live alone and work full-time. I am a good employee, a responsible pet owner, a good girlfriend, but when it comes to cleaning I just feel so blah about it. I have dust everywhere and when I think about cleaning it just seems like an overwhelming task that I don’t know how to start. I used to not be like this when I was younger and had an efficiency. I was a neat freak. I avoid having people over because I think my place isn’t nice like other people’s.

Administrator answers:

First of all, never compare yourself to others because you are you and you’re human after all.

Some people are obsessive compulsive and their homes look like they have five housekeepers cleaning and dusting and doing the laundry. I know people like that and I don’t invite them to my house because I know that they will judge me. They always want you to invite them and then wonder why when you won’t.

I myself have to have coffee and a vitamin when I have to attack a laborious task. One room at a time is your best bet. Don’t try to do everything in one day, unless you have a tiny apartment.

If you are allergic to dust and if you can afford it, why not ask around to find someone in your area to do the things that you just can’t get around to? Even having someone cleaning up for you once a month at the very least might be better because then you could keep up with the little things that are more manageable.

The other thing is, doing a regular spring cleaning can do wonders for picking up your spirits.

Put a reminder on your cell phone or computer to do laundry or clean out your closet because by putting it on the appointment calendar, you set the process into motion.

Don’t make such a large list that it will be feel like you are punishing yourself.

Try psyching your mind up by getting early and opening all of the windows to air out the place and break those chores into smaller tasks.

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