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August 17, 2013

Donald asks…

Is 350 square feet a pretty small apartment?

I’m one person and I don’t have a lot of stuff. I found an apartment online that looked like a pretty good location. I called the realtor and she told me it was three room & 350 square feet. Is that insanely small or comfortable?

Thank you.

Administrator answers:

Yes that’s pretty small. I’m surprised it’s 3 rooms. I lived in an efficiency once that was about 350-400 SF and it was 1 room, bathrm & separate kitchen. I had a very small 1 bed apt once and it was 500-600 SF and the bedroom was very small. Go look at it, what do you have to lose. If it doesn’t have a bedrm separate from the LR though, you’ll have to have your bed in the LR pretty much.

John asks…

How long does it take an air conditioner to work?

I’ve had my central a/c off for a week and its been in the 90s all week. How long should it take to cool off my 2 bdrm apartment once I turn it back on?

Administrator answers:

Could take as long as two days. -although you may feel some relief in as little as four or five hours. -that’s IF your system is working at peak efficiency.

You see, all the furnishings, and the walls, ceiling and floors all absorb heat & humidity. The FIRST job of an air conditioner is to remove moisture, then it can cool….
Plus,… You are a 98.6 heat & humidity generating machine

You just gotta give it some time.

Mandy asks…

how to get rid of the roaches?

i have just moved into our townhome.. out of a gross infested apartment.. i was careful to not pack any.. but you never can be 100% and well the first 2 days i didnt see any and was so happy and today i killed about 10.. how do i get rid of them without having the landlord fumigate.. cause i think its something i may have just brought in .. thanks!

Administrator answers:

Use Sprays. You can choose between residual sprays and total release sprays: 1. Residual sprays are true to their name, leaving a pesticide which repels roaches for 2-3 weeks. Aerosol bombs, for example, are residual sprays.
2. Total release sprays don’t provide residual action; they kill instantly and only while they’re spraying (or just afterwards). These kill on contact. Those cans of Raid you have under your sink are total release sprays. If you’re going to spray an entire room, then keep cabinets and drawers open for efficiency.

OR Use Roach Traps
Roach traps are a safe, inexpensive and effective way to eliminate roaches. Unlike spray pesticides, they can be safely used around children and pets.

OR Use of sticky traps

Mary asks…

if I begin to use my 401k to make house payments…Is there another solution?

I could be seperating from my spouse. He is interviewing for a promotion and will be moving to another state. I want to keep our home and can keep it If I use 401k money each month to help pay the mortgage. I would also use part of the 401k to pay my husband his half of the home. ( I know I loose 30% or so of the retirement fund in penalties and taxes.)

The mortgage is about what I bring home each month. Should I just sell the home and go to an efficiency apartment and keep my 401k in tact. It’s really so hard to give up my life and home.
I will not touch my retirement. Apartment living, here I come again!

Administrator answers:

Yeah it looks like you need to make some kind of sacrifice. I would leave your 401k in tact though. You don’t have to get an apartment just get a new smaller home and basically start a new life for yourself. You might not even want to be at your old home and have old memories being stirred up one night in a glass of wine.

Michael asks…

Is a furnace more energy consuming that an electric heater?

I’m still unable to make some calculations in my apartment, because the heaters in my apt don’t have a plaque on them (maybe they removed them on purpose?). Anyways, I would like to know so that I can complete an argument. Thanks!
jerisdream3, how do you know that? Can you compare kW-hr usage of heater vs. furnace? Also price of energy vs. gas?
Willow, can’t access the page.
I will like to know with calculations how is this done.

I’m a mechanical engineer; I can do the calculations, but I still need some data.

So if I have a 1.4kW wall heater, to warm a 10*14 ft^2 room and a 8*4 ft^2 room, in a L shape.

How much does a furnace cost to operate daily?
Thanks, Dan! Much appreciated!

Administrator answers:

Electric space heaters will cost you more than running the furnace unless its really really old or not burning properly. If you know your gas and electricity rates here is how you can figure it out… Electric heat produces about 3,413 BTU’s per kW. Natural gas produces about 1,020 BTU’s per cubic foot. An electric space heater is 100 percent eficient (no vent) so you can use the exact number. Your gas furnace should have an efficiency rating probably in the 80 percent range if older and 90 percent if newer, so for example if its an 80 percent furnace you will get 816 BTU’s per cubic foot of gas. Hope this helps!

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