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November 18, 2012

Ruth asks…

How can I build a kitchen in an efficiency apartment?

My landlady is really nice and open to ideas and I think would reimburse me on some materials within reason. Right now all the floor is carpet and I have a sink, a very small fridge and a hotplate. The space is really small and I’ve never removed carpet before. I want a small, functional kitchen, but am not sure how to go about it. Any ideas would be appreciated! This is a really small space.

Administrator answers:

It’s all up to your creativity

Daniel asks…

Can anyone recommend a decent efficiency apartment in the Knoxville TN area?

I will be taking a photography course out that way and I’m trying to find affordable housing for one year. I would like to be in a safe area.

Administrator answers:

Charles asks…

Is $43 too much electricity to pay for an efficiency apartment?

Did I use up too many kw-400kw? It’s summer & it’s hot. I learned all my life that summer & winter electricity costs more since you use either heat or air.

To me, it’s not that bad, but my case manager thinks that I was being irresponsible.

Administrator answers:

Holy shit. My txu bill is almost $300/month. We don’t live in an efficiency, but it’s not a huge place.

One thing that i do not compromise on though is staying warm or keeping cool. I have to be at a comfortable body temperature or i don’t feel well.

John asks…

What do I need to do to convert the building on my property into an efficiency apartment?

What steps do I need to take to do this legally and according to code? It will be rented out and I’ll need an address for it. The property is in Louisiana. If you have links where I can find this info, I’d appreciate it.
Could I legally just add a letter or 1/2 to the address and not get in trouble for it? I really need an address that’s different from the main house.


***Please see my other open questions***

Administrator answers:

May or may not be possible. Depends on building code in your area. Need permits and inspections. In my area, can’t do it, but out of the metro area you can.. . .quality of construction standards. . .life safety issues. . .

. . .and frequently you use your address and tweak it: 123 Maple ST. And make the new place 123 Maple St Rear or 123 1/2 Maple St.
. . .don’t get whole new address. . . .

Steven asks…

Good pets for an efficiency apartment?

I live in a tiny one room apartment. I have a pet fish right now, but I really want something furry to keep me company. Anyone have any ideas what would make a good pet in such a small living quarters?

Administrator answers:

Cats do just fine.

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