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June 24, 2012

Charles asks…

Which color paint is best for efficiency garage apartment with black furniture? Thank you for your input!?

I am getting ready to move into a 126 sq. ft. garage apartment with one 2′x1.5′ window facing south. Very small space I know! And not much natural light in the finished garage. I am going to be using this room to study for college, sleep, and occasionally watch date movies.

Items I have that will fit include:
1) a black/brown queen platform bed with all white bedding (light blue bedding shown in picture)

2) a black mini-frig which will hold a black microwave on top, and a black toaster over on top of that.

3) a 52″ TV (which I saved up for 5 years to buy, so I want to keep it) and will mount it on the wall because this is the best space saver I’ve figured out so far

4) a black/brown Ikea Hope chest of six drawers which will fit in my 12 sq. ft. closet. Again, I think this will good to conserve space in the one room.

5) one Ikea Lack black/brown floating shelf (Just top shelf in picture)

6) one Ikea Billy black/brown book case

The room is currently light taupe. My accessories are black and white.

What color(s) should I paint my walls? My understanding is little clutter and simple decor works best to maximize small bedrooms. Unfortunately, I understand white furniture is also the best, but this is not an option given my budget. So I think icy light blue or sunny yellow are my top to picks to maximize the space with the black/brown furniture. The other option is to keep the apartment walls light taupe.

I would really like your opinions on this as wall paint color is a very important part of a room. This will be my first time to paint and pick out colors, so I’m really excited! Thank you for your input!!!!

I have asked a similar question recently and received professional, very helpful feedback. You all have been most helpful, which is why I am writing again. Since I cannot paint my furniture white, we need to consider which wall color will work best with black furniture. A desk will not fit in the room because there are too many doors and not enough wall space.

Also, any suggestions how or where to store groceries like microwavable oatmeal etc. I’m thinking out of sight possibly under my bed although I know that is not good feng shui. I have two cabinets under the bathroom sink for my much condensed bathroom supply and a closet for my much condensed clothing wardrobe. The other option is to put food in bins on the bookshelf.

I would upload pictures, so you all could see exactly. Is there a way to do that when asking a question?

Biggest question: Which paint color will work best with my black furniture? Thanks again so much for your input sincerely!!!!

Administrator answers:

Sorry I didn’t catch your additional info on your previous question, Miss!!!

The blue I suggested is still what I see for you. You know that black & white photo I suggested??? It will work great with the black bed.

As for storing food, you may want to dumpster dive at your local grocery store (I’ve done it – I have no shame!!! :-) You can get some wood fruit crates & stack them for storage. I’ve also seen some cool wood crates at Michael’s that you can use, but free is always good!!! You can ask the fruit & vegetable mgr. To save some for you. I’ve also seen them for sale at flea markets.

I don’t know how to upload a pic on this site, but they are always helpful!!!

I’ll try to check back…it’s always nice to help out someone so appreciative!!! (I don’t give out my e-mail, as I’ve been “stalked”)

Helen asks…

Do you think $705.00 is to much to pay for an efficiency apartment on campus?

437 sq feet includes furniture, internet, electricity, gas and and water in louisiana.
that’s per month

Administrator answers:

School should be your priority, money maybe second. If you feel there are real benefits, less money for transportation, no traffic or parking issues, easier access to resources, all that considered may be worth more than the money you can save living off campus.

David asks…

Extended Stay America efficiency suites–as temporary apartment..?

So, I am looking to move out in the summer. I really don’t have much of a choice. I will be 18. I have a little money saved and I have a job. Affording rent will not be an issue, but I am afraid after rent and paying bills, gas, and food, I will have no money left over. I can’t see myself being able to afford furniture for the apartment, etc.

I seen on craigslist that Extended Stay America is offering a long term lodging program to new guests… It would include cable and internet, all my bills, and all my basic furniture for $700 per month. And there is one located not too far from my work. Would this be a good idea to stay at one for a few months or am i missing something? If not, any ideas where to find very cheap furniture, beds, etc…

yes, it is per month. It says one month fee of $699 due at check in, and it is advertised as $175/week…

Administrator answers:

My husband (boyfriend at the time) stayed at extended stay america when he was traveling for his job. It was perfectly adequate. If you can easily afford it and it’s a good location, it might be a very good option. $700 per month seems very cheap. Are you sure it’s not per week? Make sure there are no other fees. You will need to pay sales tax on the $700, so factor that cost into the monthly cost. Your phone calls will probably be an extra charge as well and will be much more expensive than you expect.

If you end up getting an unfurnished apartment, you can get cheap furniture from target or walmart. Don’t buy from ikea, they have terrible customer service if something goes wrong. You should also stop by the local thrift shop once a week because people sometimes get rid of some really good stuff.

William asks…

Does anyone know of a nice studio,efficiency or one bedroom apartment in the Annapolis and surrounding areas?

Looking to find a nice studio, efficiency or one bdrm apartment (with my own kitchen) within 10-15 miles of Annapolis. I am currently living in Arnold and the owner is selling the house in less than one month. So time is of the essence!!! I am a 52 yr. old F, extremely clean and responsible My sons are grown now and have places of their own, so I don’t have any small kids.I have an older dog that will need to move with me since she’s a part of the family.We’ve had her since she was a puppy and is very well trained, good mannored, behaved and completely house-broken.I need an unfurnished home since I do have my own house hold furniture.I have great referrence from the owner if needed. I will take excellent care of your property as if it were my own. Time is running out for me, so if anyone knows of a nice home in a good neighborhood, P-L-E-A-S-E contact me ASAP!!! I have looked in the papers and online but still haven’t found the right place yet.Thanks so much!
I really need a new place to live NOW!!!
I check the local papers every single day (like the Capitol, The Want Ads) and go to the different websites that advertise apartments, but I still haven’t found anything that’s affordable or that’s not a “room mate – share house” situation! There’s a few rentals that sound pretty good but they are in the Baltimore/Dundalk areas which is way too far from where I need to be living or they do not accept dogs. Both of my sons live in Arnold, so I want to stay close to this area. So anywhere close to Arnold, Severna Park, Pasadena, Annapolis, Crownsville, Millersville,
Michellesville,Edgewater areas would be a great place to live. So if ANYBODY knows of a rental coming up or is now available to rent…PLEASE CONTACT ME !!!! Time is running out since the owners are selling this house I’m living in at the end of the month!
I’m a very clean, dependable and responsible woman with great reference. I will appreciate any help. Thanks so much!

Administrator answers:

I saw one last week in the newspaper. Remember the early bird catches the worm! There are so many good deals out there. Exactly what you are looking for you just have to be the first to call and to get in. If I see anymore I’ll email you :)

Robert asks…

Moving to my first apartment! (small efficiency) Futon, Mattress or Sofa Bed?

Been renting rooms for years, and now I’m finally ready to get my own little place. I’m trying to save space and money basically. I’d like for there to be a comfortable place for people to sit when they visit. I’d prefer not to have a mattress and frame as that would require a lot of space and its not very versatile and cant be moved much. I also dont want something really uncomfortable. I’ve slept on air beds and floors for years, but I’m not trying to go that route.

I only have a bedroom, kitchen, and small bathroom. My bedroom would have to double as a living room basically.

Whats the best option for me? Pros, Cons?

I’d like to keep it simple and spend no more than $500 on all my furniture.


Administrator answers:

I would go with a futon. The mattresses are better than any $500 sofa bed you will find.

We have an expensive sofa bed and a futon and the futon is much better for sleeping. I also think in the long-run, the futon will last longer. Sofa beds are great for an occassional overnight guest, but long-term, not so good.

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