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Your Questions About Efficiency Apartment

June 25, 2012

Linda asks…

Efficiency Apartment?

I am a junior and just looking around at colleges and seeing what i want. What is an efficiency apartment? And would you recommend it for a first year student?

Administrator answers:

An efficiency apartment is like a studio apartment – It’s one small room and a bathroom. A studio may include a small kitchen or kitchenette, but an efficiency is usually lacks even that. It’s best for people who plan to only be in their room to sleep and change clothes – it’s not so great for hanging out.

For a first-year student, I’d recommend the dorms. It’s much easier to meet people and make friends. Being by yourself in your own tiny apartment the first year, you might feel more isolated and depressed.

Lizzie asks…

What sort of pet is best for efficiency apartment?

I am about to move into a small efficiency apartment (the living room and sleeping area is together separated by a partition) and would like to get a pet but didn’t know what kind. I’m not good with fish and I don’t know how well a cat would do, he might try to run away whenever I open the door. What do you suggest?

Administrator answers:

Cats are great pets, in any size living condition. As long as they get toys, loving, food, and a clean litterbox, they will be quite content. I don’t stress it as much now that I live in a house, but be sure to scoop your cats litterbox after every time they go. It’s not a bother and it will keep your apartment smelling fresh. Go for a cat. Rodents and fish are boring.

Donna asks…

About how much would an efficiency apartment cost with everything included?

Eventually I would like to rent an efficiency apartment (basically a one room apartment).
What I was wondering is how much it would cost with things like water, heat, electricity all included in the rent?

You can give me the max, minimum, average, etc.

Thanks in advance! :) )
I do realize that it depends on where I live.

So I guess another question I have is if you have ever rented an efficiency, how much did you pay?

Administrator answers:

It would greatly depend on where you live.

Joseph asks…

What is the best type of dog to have for a small efficiency apartment? Or cat?

I have a small efficiency apartment and I was wondering what is the best type of dog or cat to have? I can’t have a big breed as my apartment has restrictions so please make sure it is a small breed.

Administrator answers:

Don’t get a dog, get a cat.


If you are not on the ground floor and you do not have a fenced garden imagine the problems a puppy or even an older dog will create. Your dog will need to be walked regardless of the weather, it may need to have the mud washed off its coat and then dried. Can you carry a dirty dog up stairs or take it in the lift? Have you somewhere to wash it in your apartment/flat?

What do you do when it wants a pee in the middle of the night, Is it safe for you to take it out during the night? Will you mind going out in your nightwear?

When your dog wakes up in the morning, it will not cross it legs until you get dressed. Will you again take it downstairs for a pee? In all of this consider the fact that if you are not at home during the day to housetrain your dog it will pee and poo.

Have you ever heard a dog cry when it is left alone? If you are at work or college you will be unaware of this. Have you considered the other tenants and neighbours? They will almost certainly complain, then what. Eventually you may be asked to vacate your apartment/flat and make good the damage before you leave. Have you considered how many landlords will take you and a dog?
People part with their dogs every day because they cannot find accommodation.

Betty asks…

Cheapest way to custom build an efficiency apartment sized home?

Rather than paying high interest on a mortgage, buying a not-so-maintanance-free wooden home or cheaply built manufactured home, or paying rent on an apartment that doesn’t translate into owned equity…
I would like to know the best options for building an efficiency apartment-sized home for under $25000 (not including land cost) on my own land.

How would I get the materials (IE, cement/bricks/steel) to the land and how much of it can I learn to assemble myself (and, when I can, where can I find guides on how to do it)?

Also, what are the shipping costs and where can I find suppliers? Is building a stronger/purely cement house tricker and, if so, how (also, how does it differ from, say, building a cement pool)?

Administrator answers:

Here is a website for a company that specializes in small home plans with a fascinating forum filled with many people and pictures that have built their own small homes including an 18 Year old girl. Whether off the electrical grid, for vacation or retirement or just to bootstrap yourself into a better place in life, a good idea. Imagine a life without a mortgage payment or, build your first home, sell it and and create instant profit. I plan on building a cabin at a lake using some of these ideas. Not every home has to be professionally built and in a subdivision. Nearly everyone built their own home 200 years ago! Good Luck.


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