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Your Questions About Efficiency Apartments For Rent

April 13, 2013

William asks…

Do you have to tell the owner of the apartment building if you have someone moving in?

I have an efficiency, and my friend who is abroad is coming back next semester is most likely moving in with me. Do I have to tell the owner/landlord that someone is moving in? What if I don’t tell them and they find out that he is living in my apartment, what would happen?

Administrator answers:

The landlord should have over your rental agreement with you item by item. Most agreement will state if you add a person the rent will go up XX dollars. Our rental agreement states that the rent will increase by $100 per month. They must also qualify to live there by completing a credit application. If they do not qualify and you are a good tenant, the owner might require for them to pay an extra security deposit.

By law all people over the age of eighteen must have their names written on the rental agreement. If one person moves out of the apartment, the remaining tenants are responsible for the rent.

Maria asks…

Any affordable apartments in Brevard County, Florida that I can rent for 2 – 3 months?

My boyfriend plans to visit from Germany, we are both 18, soon 19. My mom, for whatever reason she holds, will not let him stay in our house for that time, and so I wanted to know if I could find an affordable, decent apartment in Brevard County, Florida to be leased for 2 to 3 months.

Thank you so much for your help!

Administrator answers:

This question has gone four days without an answer. You are in the Melbourne, FL area on the atlantic coast. I am betting that there are hundreds of furnished efficiency apartments in the area that will offer short term leases or rent by the week. In your type of area, many of these places are found in older motels and rooming houses. Best advice is to watch the classified ads for “furnished apartments” or “efficiency apartments” in your local newspaper. I’ll bet you won’t have any trouble at all finding what you are looking for.

Good luck with your search for an apartment.

George asks…

How much should I pay for rent?

Soon I will be leaving to college which is only fifteen minutes away from my parents house so I don’t want my own place yet. I am eighteen years old and my parents want to start charging me for rent which I think is okay. The question is how much should I pay for one small room each month? Also how much should they charge me for electricity and water? Thank you[:

Administrator answers:

Get out your measuring tape, multiply length times width to get square footage, then check out your paper or craigslist for local rents of similar sized efficiencies or 1-bedrooms places. Maybe your parents would charge you less than market rates, and maybe you should add on a little more for meals and access to other parts of the house. Look at what those other apartments offer and throw out the higher priced ones if they offer luxury services or cheapest if they are dumps.

Laura asks…

How to find out Room/ shared acommodation in GTA?

The of house sold the owner need even my room.
so i need room to rent.How?

Administrator answers:

Look in the ad section of a newspaper.

Look in your telephone book’s yellow pages under apartments.

If you have a car, drive around to an area that has lots of apartments, go into the office and ask what they have and the monthly cost.

If you just need one room, look for “efficiencies” or “studio apartments”.

David asks…

Why is rent so cheap in Buffalo New York?

It looks like a nice city with cool weather. I looked online and it said the average house goes for $100,000!!! That is so cheap. I was looking on Craigslist and was finding three bedoom apartments for around $500. That is amazing. What’s the deal?

Administrator answers:

Buffalo is a nice city and does have cool weather. It is an awesome little city with a reputation for horrible winters (that aren’t really that bad).

Buffalo, like most cities, has good and bad areas. I’m guessing that the 3BR apts for $500 are in less than desirable areas. The median house probably does go for $100,000. Again with the area thing.

Speaking of cool… If this rent doesn’t include heat it could cost you much much more. A lot of the housing stock in Buffalo is old, before people worried about energy efficiency. Rent a drafty old place and you could spend another $500 a month heating it! Really! Utility costs are quite high in Buffalo.

I’m guessing that the $500 apartments were not in Amherst, Orchard Park, Clarence, etc., they were probably East Side, Cheektowaga (bordering the East Side), South Buffalo or Lackawanna. These areas aren’t great…

Good luck!

Another note on the housing prices… REAL ESTATE TAXES ARE AWFUL up there. You could pay $4000 a year in real estate taxes on a $100,000 house. Yes, you read that right, $4000 per year! This really keeps the home values depressed because you’d need $350 a month to pay the real estate taxes on a $100,000 house!

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