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June 2, 2013

Jenny asks…

Any possibility FED GOVERNMENT would look in this direction as well?

Looking for rent for me right now, while also browsing Craigslist for relatives who live in another state, I cannot believe how extremely high every single apartment, house and even studio/efficiencies are!!!!!

So I ask myself, would government be able to do something regarding this? I mean, people can keep cutting back on food and simply not buying many of the other things we all took for granted but, what about a roof over our heads?

Administrator answers:

Don’t hold your breath for gov’t assistance. A number of years ago, I sought rental assistance as a single, full time working mother of just one son. They did a backround check, income and bank acct check and came to my apartment for an inspection. I felt like a criminal for asking for help. I work, I have only one child, I was not asking for welfare, food stamps or health insurance. For a whole $55 towards my rent they wanted me to surrender my child support which I was receiving faithfully every 2 weeks without going through family court, so they could issue me a monthly voucher payable to my landlord. Bull.
Maybe it would have been different if I wasn’t employed, had numerous children with different fathers? The “system” doesn’t work for low-middle income, tax paying, hard working American citizens.
I still rent a small house and barely get by. Stimulus that…..

Ruth asks…

Does my landlord have to provide “separate” heat for my apartment?

I rent an efficiency attached to their home where the thermostat is controlled. In their home the temp is maintained without the influence of the attached apt. So even when they are cool or warm enough, I am at their mercy for heating and cooling. Also, there is no stove, only a hotplate. I pay 400.00 per month. I was in a pinch and needed a place fast when I took this. Appreciate it.

Administrator answers:

No, not if the heat is included in your rent. I would save as much as you can and cut back on expenses so you can afford another place to live.

William asks…

looking for apartment in lawrence park area near ge?

single female looking for an efficiency apartment in or around ge near lawrence park. with like it 2 include ultilies . need own bathroon. willing 2 paid up 2 $450.00. also with like a kitchen or kitchette,stove if also possible.

Administrator answers:

I presume you are talking about the small town of Lawrence Park, Pa 16511. Here are some links, but you may have to search in nearby Erie, PA as well, as you can find more lower priced apartments there.


Linda asks…

How am I supposed to manage paying for college and a mortgage?

I am 23 years old and I own my own house. I currently have a good job but its not my dream job. I want to go back to school, and I would prefer to do it full time. Is there a way out there to pay my expenses at home and still be able to go to school without working? OR am I supposed to sell everything that I have worked extremely hard for? Please help with any suggestions that you may have. Thank you!

Administrator answers:

Most 23 year old’s don’t have as much as you do.. I know I didn’t own a house at 23 years old!!

Unfortunately, for those students who “had a life” before college (aka have had time to accumulate debt) going back to school can be a challenge because they have become accustomed to a lifestyle and may not be particularly willing (or able) to give that up.

Many adults hear of students (usually kids) going to school and not working at all and wonder how in the world they can do that. Well, when you have nothing and have no financial responsibility it is pretty easy to live off no or very little income…. Or miss something you don’t and have never had (like a nice reliable car or your own house). Lol

When I was in college, MY mother went back to college full time, with 4 children (1 in college 1 in high school and 2 still in elementary school). Do you know what she did to afford it? Move back in with her mother and worked part time at a fast food restaurant making min wage. She took a huge step down in lifestyle (not to mention salary) to get the education she wanted.

College is about sacrificing what you are…. For what you can become.

Please don’t sell everything you own, get up to debt to your eyeballs for some worthless degree just because. If you are going to do this, choose a path that will make it worth your while!!! Doing something you love is all great and dandy but if you are homeless because you can’t afford your student loan payments for your degree in Underwater Nuclear Norsican Basket Weaving going back to school might have been a bad idea … Hindsight.

Do RESEARCH about what you want to do as that “dream job” and find out how likely it is you will get that job when you graduate.. How much will you make and will you be able to afford the loan payments once you graduate. I live in a land locked state and I’m always amazed by all the kids who want to major in Oceanography, who don’t want to move away to do it and don’t understand the jobs for that major are almost zero here. Or those who want to major in something called CSI (a tv show) and don’t realize that in my state there are only a few dozen of those jobs like that actually available.

As an independent freshman you can borrow up to 9,500 a year in federal stafford loans regardless of your income. (Payments on this loan would be about 120 dollars a month). You’d get half that 9,500 in the fall and half in the spring to help you pay your tuition. Anything left over is yours to help you with living expenses including house payment, (small efficiency apartment while you RENT OUT YOUR HOUSE so you don’t have to sell it) or other expenses like transportation costs, electricity, etc.

I hope this helps.

Nancy asks…

Please HELP! How much money do I need to pay for energy Efficiency C rating house and its commodities?

Good evening, it has been giving me a huge headache recently. Me and my girlfriend are planning to move into an apartment like this
and we have no idea how much the taxes will be. Or even a better question, when you rent through agencies are taxes included? Because most of apartments we were looking through have energy efficiency rating C. We would keep the laptops (2) between 5-8 hours per day. And PS3 with a pretty large LED Smart TV on at least 4 hours per day. Washing machine would be used once per week. Stoves would be electrical. And how much would the water and council tax would be, say the average of general use?
I GREATLY appreciate your help and if possible please provide me with detailed information. We really want to move out quickly as possible and we are planning on having a budged of ~700pm. And we want to know how much money we would need in total to provide ourselves with all basic commodities. I gratefully appreciate the help because it is the information I most need at the time. I tried finding out through various different sites and stumbled upon no results. THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR YOUR HELP and have a wonderful evening! Thanks! :)

Administrator answers:

Council tax rates are online.:

Band C for energy efficiency means that it’s pretty well-insulated. It’s HEATING that racks up the bills, not a couple of PCs and a game console.

Water depends on where you are, and/or how much you use.

You should be spending no more than 1/3 income on rent. If you want to enjoy it.

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