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Your Questions About Efficiency Apartments For Rent

June 9, 2013

Maria asks…

Wow i never thougt i would be asking , How do you start from scratch ie no money , relationship ,?

I want to start over clean and fresh , Im 38 i have nothing financially no assets only a sense of adventure .Im not sure where to start or how to gain momentum , i like to work and i enjoy talking to people.
Im feeling a little anxious…. Any ideas gratefully accepted. Mike 73

Administrator answers:

38… money……sense of adventure……likes work…….enjoys people……..

Airline industry either baggage handling or steward, temp work, rent an efficiency apartment…no more than 550 dollars a month, two part-time jobs, job at national park, fly away someplace new and get a job once you’re there….ultra risky but why not?… work…..volunteer at the food shelf and collect free groceries…..parking lot attendant….whatever the hell comes along just don’t marry yourself to anything….be willing to change/don’t overcommit to anything….

Sandy asks…

How hard was it to move to Florida and land a job and apartment?

Administrator answers:

Not hard. I did it. I guess it just depends on your standard of living. I’ve been here 2 years and I have a decent job and an apartment. I actually live in Miami and I don’t find it that expensive, although yes, I suppose the housing can be. But even still, to rent an apartment is not difficult. I pay $710 for a one bedroom–nice condition, with pool, on the river. Efficiencies can be had for $500. It’s all relative, though, isn’t it? Once you’ve been here for a while, you forget what the costs are elsewhere. I’m making more money here in Miami than I have anywhere else in my life, although i do spend more, but I think that’s a personal choice.
Best to come with some money first. And if you come to Miami, best to speak Spanish too.. I didn’t and that was my only block to finding a job. But elsewhere in Florida it’s not such a requirement.

Donna asks…

how much would it cost to live on your own at 16?

I am 15 right now but I like to think ahead. The car I am going to be given is paid off and cost 15 bucks to fill up. How much would a cheap apartment cost? I know that you would have to have your parents sign the lease or get emancipated. To pay for food and Appliances for this apartment and going to school from 8-3 do you think I could make it?

Administrator answers:

Well, it really depends on where you live. Rent could vary from $300 to thousands of dollars depending on what area of the country you live in. Since you would only be 16, there isn’t many places you could work, mostly just stores. So I would assume you’d make minimum wage & could only work part time while you were in school, so you’d be lucky to make $150 a week. If you found a really cheap apartment or efficiency with utilities included, and bought really inexpensive groceries, it may be possible. But you would hardly have any money left over to have any fun with. I would look at local listings on Craigslist & your local paper to get a idea what apts cost. But why do you want to move out at 16? I would think twice about it.

Robert asks…

What apartments do you recommend near University of Texas @ Arlington?

Something thats furnished and 1 bedroom.

Administrator answers:

Centennial Court is a campus complex that’s relatively new, right across the street from the university. Rent includes all utilities, furnished, cable, high-speed Internet, swimming pool, sand volleyball court, clubhouse with big screen TV, gated property. You can get an efficiency for one student for $851, a 2 BR for $590 each for 2 students, or a 4 bedroom for $470 each for 4 students. Considering what’s included that’s a really good price.

Michael asks…

Can your parents legally take your work money if you are a teen?

if you have a job as a teen (like BK or MC Donalds) can they legally take your money if you are 16 or 17? Or not since it’s your money?

Administrator answers:

If you’re a minor, yes, they can. That is, if you’re under 18, everything that you think you own actually belongs to your parents. This includes money, and everything you buy with money.

Now, if you are making a LOT of money, if you’re a child star, let’s say, then your parents have to put most of the money into a trust. Or if you inherit or are given a lot of money, it will usually be put into a trust. If you win a lawsuit, yep, gets put into a trust. Your parents can usually get SOME money out of the trust for unusual expenses, like very high medical bills.

Most teens can’t make enough to support themselves. Take a look at how much it costs to rent an efficiency apartment, then ask about grocery bills, then add in things like health care and clothing. Even if your parents take ALL of your money, it’s almost certainly not as much as they spend on you.

This is usually driven home when teens become adults, and move into their own places. Your parents probably have a washer and dryer, for instance, so you don’t realize how much laundry can cost. There’s a bazillion little expenses that will all add up, and once you move out, you’ll realize how much your parents paid for things that you take for granted now.

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