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June 26, 2013

Charles asks…

how would I find an apt or efficiency near NOVA campus?

I’m looking for somewhere to live under 700$ /month if anyone needs to as well or has any advice, please let me know.

Administrator answers:

I assume you mean Villanova? In that case take a look here:

These are all apartments around campus for under $700. If you prefer to view things in a “list” you can also see the same results here:

Good luck!

Donna asks…

I’m a single father with joint custody of 2 kids and I’m looking for a suitable place to live.?

I am a blue collar worker and pay child support. I cannot afford a home on my budget and wonder if I should seek to rent a basement from another individual or family or if I shuld get a small apartment or efficiency. Any suggestions?

Administrator answers:

Try and get an apartment with a bedroom for each child if possible. At least with two bedrooms, the children can share one (depending on their ages and get them their own room if they are different sexes and older kids). An efficiency is space for one person not three. They don’t need to live with people that are strangers to them and someones basement may not end up working out for you or the kids. Basement living only works out in TV shows and for single guys if it isn’t with a relative like grandma. All of you need your own space, that is what makes a home and not just someplace to crash. It can be done.

Michael asks…

what is the difference between a loft and an apartment?

i heard they come furnished. is that true? and how much more expensive are they when compared to an apartment? (i live in anaheim, CA)

Administrator answers:

Both lofts and apartments can come furnished, semi furnished (utilities like stove and fridge) and unfurnished.

Lofts are living spaces over other living spaces, maybe a separate bathroom. An apartment is a living space, usually subdivided rooms. A loft can be loosely be referred to as an apartment, but not the other way around. An efficiency is a single room, like a loft, but not always over other living spaces. An efficiency is also a type of apartment.

Too much info:

A townhouse is a condo, in town. A condo can be in the country or in town and is usually owned by the person(s) living there, unless it’s subleted. Sublet condos and apartments have to be approved by the apartment owners or condominium organization. A duplex is a subdivided structure with two apartments or condos in the building.

A high-rise is above six floors. Brownstones are reddish brown sandstone buildings.

A landlord owns the building and has rights to enter living spaces, depending on the local laws and the renters contract, at reasonable times. Every reasonable effort must be made by the landlord to notify said tenant of a visit for inspection or repair, again, depending on local laws. Rent stabilization contracts may be passed from one family member to another, only once.


Richard asks…

How does a person survive on minimum wage?

I recently answered a question with this but I think it deserves it’s own spot for proper focus.

A minimum wage job pays about 13k annually (before taxes) IF they get a full 40. So after taxes they have about 900-980 a month depending on filing status and children.

The cheapest apartment I could find locally was a 2 room efficiency for $375 a month (note not a 2-bed, a 2-ROOM)

food will cost at least $100 person per month

Utilities would be cheaper for a small apartment so lets say $150 for electric & heat. $20 for water.

If you have a job you’ll need a car so $200 for a car payment and $30 for insurance throw in $40 for gas

$25 for a phone (cheap for a landline)

let’s see I’ve covered rent, utilities, food and transportation what’s left? Oh clothes, toiletries, cleaning supplies and other little things, hmm…. we’ll go cheap here to and say $20 a month.

What do we have so far …. $960 a month to live in a 2 room hovel and eat raman noodles on a regular basis.
How would someone in your area do with a budget of $900-990 a month?
HA, food stamps that’s a good one. A single person making minimum wage doesn’t qualify for food stamps.

And I’ll tell you My family of 4 has an income of about $1200 a month (barely above minimum) and we get a grand total of $225 in food stamps a month. So there ya go family of 4 on $1425 a month, do that budget. Find a place to live locally for a family (we need a 3-bed as my kids are the opposite sex) and make a car payment on that. If ya want to try adding in a job for me but don’t forget childcare costs and a second car.
Oooooo…. college education, good point there, I have an accounting degree (assoc. for now and 10 classes from a BA)

To finish my degree I need about $3600 a semester and FA will pay $2050 of it. Don’t forget the child care…..
Oh, I’m not talking about immigrants here, I’m talking about Americans who have no where else to go and are trying to compete with the illegals.

Administrator answers:

You don’t, especially if you have children,that’s why i’m living with family right now. I was making just a little above minimum and after struggling,starving and selling everything I had, I couldn’t do it on my own anymore.

Helen asks…

Whats the best way to get disability low income Housing help in North Carolina?

I’m on full disability income. That is relly low income I have called a lot of Hud numbers and Housing Authority and SSI. It sames there is relly no help out there.No workers call me back but only with a litte info. I know they dont want to help but What is the best thing to do? I relly need a home in 3 moths. Can someone give me some tips out there.

Administrator answers:

Usually in every local apartment guide you will find below many apartment listings, depending on the area, what they call “low efficiency” apartments; meaning based on income. That is your best bet…otherwise, you can contact your local rooming houses; they may be able to help you in many ways. Also, many ads in the classifieds under apartments, homes to rent, and rooms to rent can be informative.

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